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Graduated Senior Chromebook Release

Senior students who have graduated, as confirmed by the Registrar, will have their chromebooks released by June 30.  To see if your chromebook has been released yet, log out of your account and see if a new account can be added (bottom left).  If you have graduated and your chromebook has not been released after June 30, please call ZB-IT at (847) 731-9777.

Student email accounts will remain in service until July 31. While logged in to your school account, you may export your student data to a new Gmail account by completing the steps at

Released chromebooks are no longer under control of District 126, however there will be references to ZBTHS in the user interface.  To remove these references, you may follow the directions below:

  1. Press Esc+Refresh+Power.  
    A yellow exclamation point (!) or "Please insert a recovery USB stick" is displayed.
  2. Press Ctrl+D to begin Developer mode, then press Enter.
  3. Press Space, then press Enter.
    The Chromebook deletes its local data, returning to its initial state. This can take approximately 40 minutes.
  4. When the transition completes, press the space bar, then press Enter to return to Verified mode.