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2020-21 and 2021-22 Calendar Announcements

The Board of Education has approved the 2020-21 school calendar.  Click here to access a downloadable copy.  

Important Announcement - Please note that effective with the 2021-22 school year, the start of school will be moved up two weeks earlier in August, specifically, the week of August 9, 2021. 

The decision to start school earlier was determined to be in the best of interest of District 126 students for the following reasons:

  • to align District 126 to other Lake County high school districts' calendars;
  • to provide students an additional two weeks of instruction prior to important spring assessments, such as the SAT and ACT;
  • to allow first semester final exams to take place prior to winter break; and
  • to align the athletic and academic calendars more closely.

Families are encouraged to think ahead and plan for this earlier start in 2021.