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The Huntington Test Prep

November 2018

Dear Parent/Guardians of Juniors,

We are excited to announce that ZBTHS is partnering again with Huntington Learning Center in Grayslake to
provide a SAT test prep program for a select group of juniors this year. Your student is invited to participate in
this program because we feel your student has the ability to improve their SAT test score with some extra practice
sessions that target skill building and test taking strategies.

The Huntington SAT test prep program will run after school hours, twice a week, from the week of January 28
to April 4, to prepare for the state SAT date, April 9. This includes 16 sessions of 2 hour classes, and 2 sessions
that are 3 hours each to allow for a full-length practice SAT test, for a total of 44 hours in the program. Classes
will be taught by Huntington-trained instructors, using the national Huntington SAT test prep curriculum. Each
session will focus on a specific topic for the SAT test and will include strategy and practice questions. To further
enhance the program, students will be divided into small groups each session, with approximately 10 students for
every 1 instructor.

Huntington charges around $2500 per student for this small group SAT test prep in their center, with students
seeing an SAT score increase average of 150-200 points. Huntington is offering this program to ZBTHS students at
a significantly discounted rate of $400 each student. ZBTHS has secured a grant to pay for $200 of the initial $400
per registered student, bringing the registration cost down to $200 per student. ZBTHS has grant funding
available for the first 70 students who register. At the end of the program in April, if the student has attended at
least 90% of the session hours (39.75 hours of the 44 hours scheduled), ZBTHS will reimburse the student $100.
As long as the student takes advantage of this attendance incentive, the final cost to the student will be $100 for
the entire Huntington SAT test prep program.

The SAT test prep program will begin the week of January 28 and run through the week of April 4. There are two
choices for the session: Mondays and Wednesdays, January 28-April 3 from 5:30-7:30pm OR Tuesdays and
Thursdays, January 29 - April 6 from 2:45-4:45pm. Both sessions will be at ZBTHS, rooms TBA.

Huntington and ZBTHS will host a parent meeting for more information on the SAT test prep program the
evening of December 3 at 6:30pm in the ZB Lecture Hall. Parents and students will be able to hear more about
the program and curriculum and ask questions.

Registration is due Friday, January 11 by 12 noon at the ZBTHS bookstore with the initial payment of $200.
Again, ZBTHS has funding available for the first 70 students who register. After 70 students register, the cost for
the program will be Huntington’s cost of $400, so act quickly!

Thank you,

Ms. Zameck – ZBTHS College & Career Counselor
Ms. Laura Schuda – New Tech Counselor


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