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District 126 Partners to Empower Parents and Guardians to Raise Successful High School Students - May Update


History has taught us that information is power.  Information that is acted upon can be life-changing.  Information that is collectively acted upon can change a community and indeed the world.

Join District 126 and the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force in educating ourselves about effective parenting strategies that will influence our children to make positive choices and, in return, maximize their success in and beyond high school.

All parents/guardians must remain diligent and alert to the negative temptations that our youth encounter.  We collectively need to remain committed to doing everything possible to guide our children to a bright future. Please click below and read this month's newsletter for pertinent information and sound, practical advice on how you as a parent/guardian can be a strong, powerful, and positive influence in your children's lives!

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