• Instructions for accessing your H drive

    This program will give you access to any network drive that can access from school.  To work on a file you will need to download that file to your computer and then upload the file back to your H drive after you've made changes.
    When logging in:

    1. You may receive a window that asks about certificates click yes.
    2 . The login name you use is the same as what you type in at school.
    3. Password is the same as your login password at school.

    (For instructions/help in using this program log-in and then click the (Help) icon near the top of the window.)

    Click here (Students) or here (Faculty) to access your H drive.

    If there are any more problems then please call the Technology Office at 1-847-731-9777 or contact webcrew at webcrew@zbths.org.

Last Modified on May 12, 2017