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    Driver Education

    Grade Level: 10-11-12

    Semester Offered: Either Semester

    Prerequisite: A Social Security number, an instruction permit issued by the Secretary of State’s office through the Driver Education Department, parental consent, verification of age (enrollment is based on chronological age), and accumulation of at least 8 credits in the previous two semesters. Must be at least 15 years at the start of the driver's ed. class.

    Description: This course is normally taken during one semester of the sophomore or junior year. Students are enrolled in this course based on chronological age. Students must take and pass both the classroom phase and the behind-the-wheel phase of Driver Education if they wish to receive a license prior to their 18th birthday. Passing the classroom phase of the course is required for graduation. The course is a two-phase program consisting of classroom and behind the wheel. The course prepares students in basic safe motor vehicle operation in a suburban driving environment. Among the topics taught in this course are traffic laws and regulations, driver responsibilities and effective vehicle control. Students must also meet all the essential course requirements as mandated by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Secretary of State’s Office. The grades earned in this course are not included in the student’s grade point average.

    Driver Education Teacher Directory

    Note: Each student who is taking behind the wheel will have two teachers, one for classroom and one for driving. All grade questions should be directed to the classroom teacher.

    Name 847-731-EXT Emails(all end in @zbths.org)
    Mr. Jacobs 9368 JacobsN
    Ms. Helmkamp 9431 HelmkamS
    Mr. Fenchel 9367 FenchelT
    Mr. Peckler 9366 PecklerS
    Mr. Subrinsky 9369 SubrinskJ


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