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    PBN is a group of committed parent volunteers actively supporting District 126 students,
    staff and community.
    We strongly encourage interested adults to join our efforts and become involved!  Parents interested in
    becoming involved can email Mr. Niemi, Assistant Principal at niemij@zbths.org.
    Watch the district calendar and newsletters for upcoming announcements about PBN meetings
    and PBN supported events, such as:

    Parent Universities featuring a variety of relevant workshops for parents
    Sporting Events
    Tailgate Party
    Winter Tailgate Party
    Senior Scholarships


    Approved November 4, 2010


    The District 126 Parent Bee Network is a recognized leader in uniting parents and other adults to support efforts that foster student commitment to high standards for academic achievement and healthy choices.


    The mission of the District 126 Parent Bee Network is to unite all parents and other adults to enhance communication among parents, youth, school personnel and within our communities in order to promote healthy activities and high standards for our young people.

    Support Parents and Other Adults By . . .

    · fostering a network of concerned adults who are dedicated to their students’ academic, social, and emotional success.

    · encouraging parents through supportive adult relationships and a shared commitment to high standards for our youth.

    · sponsoring workshops that provide valuable information regarding meaningful topics such as:  understanding college readiness and the college enrollment process; improving communication within your family; ensuring healthy lifestyles for your teens, etc.

    · publishing important District and PBN news via the PBN Newsletter and the PBN website.

    Support Students By . . .

    · providing positive adult role models at all times.

    · promoting greater parent involvement in the lives of our students.

    · attending PBN meetings and forming adult relationships that benefit our students.

    · communicating to all stakeholders the importance of a commitment to academic excellence and lifelong learning.

    · being committed to enhancing the educational process for all District 126 students.

    · developing, providing, and encouraging safe, alcohol and drug-free activities for our students.

    · opposing youth violence and promoting non-violent problem solving behaviors.

    · raising funds to support senior scholarships and student activities.

    Support School Staff By . . .

    · setting and maintaining high standards for students, which address academic work ethic, respectful behavior, and daily on-time attendance.

    · communicating and reinforcing school expectations with students at home.

    · monitoring students’ performance via the Districts’ online resources.

    · being involved in the development and evaluation of the District’s School Improvement Plans.

    · recognizing the efforts of staff, particularly during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Last Modified on March 22, 2017