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    Shows a list of all staff members. All numbers begin with 847-731 unless noted. Emails end in @zbths.org. Members may show up multiple times if they are in more than one department
    Title Last Name First Name Phone Email Position Department
    Ms. Aguero Teresa 9330 AgueroT Secretary Safety and Attendance
    Ms. Ahlgrim Katie 9456 AhlgrimK Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Ahonen Cyranda 9479 AhonenC Math Academic Coach Mathematics
    Mr. Anderson Johannes 9548 AndersoJ Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Anthony Blythe 9482 AnthonyB IMC Clerk IMC
    Ms. Arason Christine 9453 ArasonC Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Arzate Karen 9412 ArzateK Instructional Aide ELL
    Ms. Asciutto Mary 9536 AsciuttM Teacher World Language
    Ms. Azriel Anne 9507 AzrielA Social Worker Support Services
    Ms. Bae Yeol 9459 BaeY Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Bailey Andrea 9774 BaileyA Instructional Technology Aide Technology Services
    Ms. Balogh Kristen BaloghK Social Worker LASSO
    Dr. Barker Susan 9501 LichterS Special Education Director Special Education
    Ms. Barnes Latoya 9323 BarnesLa Learning Support Specialist Dean's Office
    Ms. Barrie Ashley 9848 HolversA Teacher Transitions
    Mr. Bartolameolli Matt 9575 BartolaM Teacher Science
    Ms. Bastian Wendy BastianW Occupational Therapist LASSO
    Ms. Beem Sandra 9502 BeemS Instructional Aide Special Education
    Ms. Benjamin Jennifer 9570 BenjamiJ Division Chair FACS/PE/Health/Science
    Ms. Berkley Erin 9718 LathamE Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Berkley Jonathan 9515 BerkleyJ Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Bible Lonnie 9361 BibleL Athletic Director Athletics
    Mr. Blades Michael 9370 BladesM Division Chair English/Reading/ELL/VPA
    Ms. Bliss Heather 9793 BlissH Personnel Specialist Superintendent
    Mr. Bliss Zachariah BlissZ Job Coach Transitions
    Ms. Boehm Taylor 9528 BoehmT Teacher World Language
    Mr. Boroski Brian 9580 BoroskiB Teacher Science
    Ms. Boyle Dayle 9433 BoyleD Teacher PE & Health
    Ms. Briatta Nicole 9440 BriattaN Division Chair Bus. Ed/Driver Ed/Ind Tech/Math
    Ms. Brown Sunshine 9724 BrownS Job Coach Transitions
    Ms. Bucholtz Daniela BucholtD Instructional Aide Special Education
    Ms. Buettner Linda BuettneL Psychologist LASSO
    Mr. Burd Jeff 9383 BurdJ Teacher English/Reading
    Mr. Bush Christopher 9576 BushC Teacher Science
    Mr. Carlson Jacob 9540 CarlsonJ Division Chair World Language/NJROTC/Social Science
    Ms. Carrasquilla Michelle 9403 CarrasqM Teacher Visual & Performing Arts
    Ms. Castaneda Alba 9341 CastaneA Counselor, Cb-F Student Services
    Mr. Cha Jay 9392 ChaJ Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Cheney Jane 9352 CheneyJ Secretary Student Services
    Mr. Cianfrani David 4412 CianfraD Teacher Special Education
    Dr. Clark Chris 9792 ClarkC Superintendent/FOIA Contact Superintendent
    Mr. Cruz David 9550 CruzD Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Curley Amy 9501 CurleyA Secretary Special Education
    Mr. Cuttill Drew 9425 CuttillD Teacher PE & Health
    Ms. Damron Corina DamronC Instructional Aide LASSO
    Ms. Danos Maria 9526 DanosM Case Manager Special Education
    Ms. Davis Ruth 9305 DavisR Assistant Principal Secretary Principal's Office
    Ms. DeBruin Heather 4429 DeBruinH Occupational Therapist Support Services
    Ms. Delahanty Lauren 9597 DelahanL Student Success Coordinator Student Services
    Ms. Demin Whitney 9521 DeminW Teacher Special Education
    Dr. DiGangi Melissa 9794 DiGangiM Director of Teaching and Learning Superintendent
    Ms. DiGrazia Chris 9371 DigraziC Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Dorgan Monica 9504 DorganM Social Worker Support Services
    Ms. DuBois Theresa 9722 DuBoisT Instructional Aide Special Education
    Ms. Duli DeeAnn 9531 DuliD Teacher World Language
    Ms. Durston Emily 9541 DurstonE Teacher Social Science
    Mr. Edwards Jarrett 9547 EdwardsJ Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Eisenberg Karen 9514 EisenbeK Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Engstrom Heather 9380 HughesH Teacher English/Reading
    Mr. Engstrom John 9553 EngstroJ Teacher Social Science
    Mr. Faith Ryan 9770 FaithR Technology Director Technology Services
    Mr. Fenchel Todd 9365 FenchelT Teacher Driver's Education
    Mr. Fleming Joe 9771 FlemingJ LAN Admin Technology Services
    Mr. Flores Samuel 9537 FloresS Teacher World Language
    Mr. Foerch Anthony 9458 FoerchA Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Forrest Luci 9338 ForrestL Duplicating Duplication
    Mr. Franklin Colin 9384 FrankliC Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Frechette Kelley 9516 FrechetK Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Galgan Tadd 9494 GalganT Teacher Industrial Technology
    Ms. Gangware Gayle GangwarG Nurse LASSO
    Mr. Garner Christopher GarnerC Instructional Aide Alternative Programming
    Ms. Gazdziak Kara 9346 MaloneK Counselor, G-Joh Student Services
    Mr. Geary Ryan 9468 GearyR Teacher Business Education
    Mr. Gehrig Josh 9780 GehrigJ Director of Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
    Mr. Goike Bryan 9577 GoikeB Teacher Science
    Ms. Golden Erin 9452 GoldenE Teacher Mathematics
    Mr. Gomez Andrew 9560 GomezA Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Gonzalez-Tellez Karen 9315 GonzaleK Secretary Dean's Office
    Ms. Gorr Erika 3930 GorrE Teacher Alternative Programming
    Ms. Grafman Deborah 9566 GrafmanD Teacher Family & Consumer Science
    Mr. Grant Timothy 3931 GrantT Student Support Specialist Alternative Programming
    Ms. Grieco Tina 9510 GriecoT Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Gross Whitney 9843 MihelW Social Worker Alternative Programming
    Master Chief Hackstein Daniel 9416 HacksteD NJROTC Instructor NJROTC
    Mr. Hall Brent 9564 HallB Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Halligan Kathleen 9324 HalligaK Secretary Safety and Attendance
    Ms. Handyside Jenise 9336 HandysiJ Health Office Clerk Health Office
    Ms. Hanrahan Melissa 9716 HanrahaM Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Harmeling Chris 9585 HarmeliC Teacher Science
    Ms. Harmon Julie 9351 HarmonJ Data Specialist Technology Services
    Mr. Harvala Matt 9454 HarvalaM Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Haske Sarah 9449 HaskeS Teacher Science
    Mr. Helmkamp Jason 9732 HelmkamJ Dispatcher Transportation
    Ms. Helmkamp Sandra 9431 HelmkamS Teacher Driver's Education
    Mr. Henry Mark 9847 HenryM Teacher Alternative Programming
    Mr. Henry Rod 9314 HenryR Assistant Dean/Safety Director Safety and Attendance
    Ms. Hernandez Lilliana HernandL Instructional Aide ELL
    Ms. Herrera Veronica 3922 HerreraV Instructional Aide Transitions
    Ms. Hollister Dana 9756 HollistD Benefits Specialist Business Office
    Ms. Holverson Diane 9477 HolversD IMC Clerk IMC
    Mr. Howell Patrick 9524 HowellP Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Hughes Travis 9546 HughesT Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Ingoglia Jackie 9325 IngogliJ Secretary Safety and Attendance
    Mr. Jacobs Neil 9355 JacobsN Teacher Driver's Education
    Mr. Jarrell Steve JarrellS Teacher Alternative Programming
    Ms. Joel-Dravillas Stacey 9451 JoelS Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Johnson Carrie 9429 JohnsonC Teacher/Aquatics Director PE & Health
    Mr. Johnson Nick 9443 JohnsonN Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Johnson Rebecca 9703 JohnsonR Teacher Science
    Ms. Johnson Tanya 9344 JohnsonT Counselor, Mil-Q Student Services
    Ms Jordan Amy 9846 JordanA Instructional Aide Credit Recovery
    Mr. Kalpedis Chris 9582 KalpediC Teacher Science
    Ms. Karner Pat 9361 KarnerP Secretary Athletics
    Mr. Kazmi Shan 9404 KazmiS Teacher Visual & Performing Arts
    Ms. Keenan Mary 9408 KeenanM Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Kennedy Lindsey 9300 KennedyL Secretary Safety and Attendance
    Ms. Kennedy Lindsey 9354 KennedyL Secretary Student Services
    Ms. Kirk Jacqui KirkJ Instructional Aide Alternative Programming
    Ms. Klema Cory 4426 MaggiorC Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Knight Tim 9849 KnightT Teacher Credit Recovery
    Mr. Knowles Robert 9551 KnowlesR Teacher Social Science
    Mr. Knuth Anthony 9561 KnuthA Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Knutter Donna 9754 KnutterD Purchasing Business Office
    Ms. Kohler Tina 9424 KohlerT Teacher PE & Health
    Dr. Kolarik Jasey 9544 KolarikJ Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Kolinek Amanda 9401 KolinekA Teacher Visual & Performing Arts
    Ms. LaBelle Leah 9525 LaBelleL Instructional Aide Special Education
    Ms. Lahare Nancy LahareN Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Lamm Denise 9721 LammD Autism Aide Special Education
    Ms. Lang Jennifer 9842 LangJ Division Chair Alternative Programming
    Ms. Lastacy Courtney 1479 LastacyC Literacy Academic Coach English/Reading
    Ms. Leafblad Catherine 9478 LeafblaC AV Technician IMC
    Mr. Leavy Kevin 9745 LeavyK Aramark Food Service Director Cafeteria
    Mr. Ledman Michael 9382 LedmanM Teacher English/Reading
    Mr. Lee Derrick 9311 LeeDe Dean, R-Z Dean's Office
    Ms. Lehman Suzi 9303 LehmanS Secretary Principal's Office
    Mr. Levin Eric 9545 LevinE Teacher Social Science
    Mr. Lewandowski Aaron 9448 LewandoA Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Liddle Audrey 9755 LiddleA Chief School Business Officer/FOIA Contact Business Office
    Ms. Lindemann Jodi 9316 LindemaJ Secretary Dean's Office
    Ms. Lindstrom Kristin 9522 LindstrK Hearing Itinerant Support Services
    Mr. Lopez Ryan 9534 LopezR Teacher World Language
    Ms. Lucke Margaret 9463 LuckeM Teacher Mathematics
    Mr. Luckey Andrew 9846 LuckeyA Teacher Alternative Programming
    Mr. Luedtke Bill 9565 LuedtkeB Teacher Family & Consumer Science
    Mr. Lunsford Hal 9427 LunsforH Teacher PE & Health
    Mr. Lusk Cory 9717 LuskC Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Maki Rita 9731 MakiR Director Transportation
    Ms. Malinowski Alexis 9386 MalinowA Teacher English/Reading
    Mr. Manning Justin 9420 ManningJ Teacher PE & Health
    Ms. Marhefka Jennifer 9350 MarhefkJ Counselor, R-Sto Student Services
    Mr. Martensen Scott 9589 MartensS Teacher Science
    Ms. Martinez Edith 9375 MartineE Teacher World Language
    Mr. Mason Larry MasonL Program Attendant Special Education
    Ms. Massong Amanda 3836 MassongA Teacher Transitions
    Mr. Matteson David 9798 MattesonD Data Analyst Technology Services
    Ms. McCleary Amy 9842 McClearA Secretary Alternative Programming
    Mr. McFarland Ervin McFarlaE Instructional Aide Credit Recovery
    Ms. McGovern Jodie 9508 McGoverJ Psychologist Support Services
    Ms. McKeown Meredith 9530 MckeownM Teacher World Language
    Ms. McKim Catherine 4405 McKimC Teacher Special Education
    Mr. McKnight James 9313 McKnighJ Dean, Joi-Q Dean's Office
    Mr. McLaren David 9387 McLarenD Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Melchiorre Kara 9725 MelchioK Instructional Aide Special Education
    Ms. Melott Melissa 4435 MelottM Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Meyer John 9772 MeyerJB IT Support Tech Technology Services
    Ms. Meyer Susan 9484 MeyerSu IMC Clerk IMC
    Ms. Miller Gina 9766 MillerG Secretary Bookstore
    Ms. Minnick Gabrielle 9584 MinnickG Teacher Science
    Mr. Miscichowski Adam MiscichA Instructional Aide Alternative Programming
    Mr. Mitchell Ryan 9562 MitchelR Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Mohn Tea 9347 MohnT Psychologist Support Services
    Ms. Mondragon Dalila 9356 MondragD Student Service Support Student Services
    Mr. Moreno Paul 9366 MorenoP Teacher Driver's Education
    Mr. Moynihan Robert 9512 MoynihaR Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Muff Rebecca 9556 MuffRe Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Myrum Jeanne 9402 MyrumJ Teacher Visual & Performing Arts
    Chief Nelson Vincent 9415 NelsonV NJROTC Instructor NJROTC
    Mr. Niemi Jack 9305 NiemiJ Assistant Principal Principal's Office
    Ms. Niemiera Kristen 9334 NiemierK Case Manager Special Education
    Mr. O'Connell Daniel 9422 OconnelD Teacher PE & Health
    Mr. Ogle James 9505 OgleJ Social Worker Support Services
    Ms. Ogunniyan Julie OgunniyJ Instructional Aide Special Education
    Mr. Oliveras John 9317 OliveraJ Teacher ELL
    Ms. Padfield Sharon 9476 PadfielS Secretary IMC
    Mr. Palmer Brian 9457 PalmerB Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Patterson Jill 9533 PattersJ Teacher ELL
    Ms. Pavelske Mary 9573 PavelskM Teacher Science
    Dr. Pawelczyk Chris 9303 PawelczC Principal Principal's Office
    Ms. Paxton Kathleen PaxtonK Instructional Aide Special Education
    Ms. Pelli Jodi 9535 PelliJ Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Peterson Ana 9342 PetersoA Counselor, A-Ca Student Services
    Ms. Phillips Sue 9353 PhillipS Registrar Student Services
    Ms. Pickering Amy 9704 PickeriA Teacher Science
    Ms. Rakher Minnie 9775 RakherM Secretary Technology Services
    Ms. Regnier Kelly 9381 RegnierK Teacher English/Reading/VPA
    Mr. Richter Steve 9340 RichterS Director of Student Services Student Services
    Ms. Rickert Jennifer 9400 RickertJ Teacher Visual & Performing Arts
    Ms. Ridley Ridonna 9595 RidleyR Speech Pathologist Support Services
    Ms. Roberts Lora 9581 RobertsL Teacher Science
    Ms. Rodriguez-Newton Colleen 9345 NewtonC Counselor, Str-V Student Services
    Mr. Rogers Brandon 9362 RogersB Assistant Athletic Director Athletics
    Ms. Rosario Luz RosarioL Program Attendant Special Education
    Ms. Rosin Christina 9441 RosinC Teacher Mathematics
    Mr. Rossie Nick 9390 RossieN Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Rossmann Kim 9753 RossmanK Payroll Specialist Business Office
    Mr. Rubin Brad 9552 RubinB Teacher Social Science
    Mr. Ryczek Mike 9391 RyczekM Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Rymer Michelle 9527 DererM Teacher English/Reading/World Language
    Ms. Salmons Kristen 9522 SalmonsM Hearing Itinerant Support Services
    Mr. Scherer David 9490 SchererD Teacher Industrial Technology
    Commander Schulte Steven 9414 SchulteS NJROTC Instructor NJROTC
    Mr. Sevener Jeff 9388 SevenerJ Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Sexton Julie 9529 SextonJ Teacher PE & Health
    Mr. Shaw Jacob 9574 ShawJ Teacher Science
    Ms. Sherman Genevieve 9372 ShermanG Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Shorey Lauren 9578 ShoreyL Teacher Science
    Mr. Simon Matthew 9554 SimonM Teacher Social Science
    Ms. Slabaugh Corin 9385 SlabaughC Teacher English/Reading
    Mr. Smyk Kevin 9702 SmykKe Teacher Science
    Ms. Sosbe Sacramento 9752 SosbeS Bookkeeper Business Office
    Ms. Sponenburg Amanda 9755 SponenbA Business Office Support Business Office
    Ms. Stanley Kate 9409 StanleyK Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Staples Tiffany 9393 StaplesT Teacher English/Reading
    Mr. Stave Mark 9518 StaveM Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Stout Andrew 9466 StoutA Teacher Business Education
    Ms. Strickland Janine 3925 StricklJ Instructional Aide Credit Recovery
    Mr. Strickland Robert 9410 StricklR Teacher Industrial Technology/VPA
    Mr. Strzelecki Nicholas StrzeleN Teacher Industrial Technology
    Mr. Stunard Justin 9726 StunardJ Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Subrinsky Jordan 9369 SubrinsJ Teacher Driver's Education
    Support Computer 9777 helpdesk Support Line Technology Services
    Mr. Sutz Howard 9517 SutzH Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Swanson Steven 9509 SwansonSt Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Tangorra Launa 9423 TangorrL Pre-Vocational Teacher Support Services
    TBD 9468 Teacher Business Education
    TBD 9335 RN Health Office
    TBD 9845 Teacher Alternative Programming
    TBD 3932 Social Worker Support Services
    Ms. Tebon-Mitchell Madeline 9506 TebonM Social Worker Support Services
    Mr. Tennant Steve 9374 TennantS Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Theodore Melissa 9447 TheodorM Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Thode Sharon 9765 ThodeS Bookstore Cashier Bookstore
    Ms. Torola Kari 9306 TorolaK Substitution Principal's Office
    Ms. Tunik Zhanna 9444 TunikZ Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Usher - Brooks Nakisha 9373 UsherN Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Valentine Colleen 9519 ValentiC Instructional Aide Special Education
    Mr. Valerugo Brian 9312 ValerugB Dean, A-Joh Dean's Office
    Ms. Vargas Patricia 9326 VargasP Parapro/Clerk Safety and Attendance
    Ms. Villalobos Crystal 9343 VillaloC Counselor, Joi-Mik Student Services
    Mr. Villalobos Ernesto 9436 VillaloE Teacher PE & Health
    Ms. Voss Alison 9586 DerifieA Teacher Science
    Ms. Voss Kayla 9442 VossK Teacher Mathematics
    Mr. Voss Spence 9491 VossS Teacher Industrial Technology
    Ms. Waddick Emily 9713 WaddickE Division Chair Special Education
    Mr. Wall Kevin 9715 WallK Teacher Special Education
    Ms. Wartzenluft JoAnn 9503 WartzenJ Instructional Aide Special Education
    Mr. Weigel Jeff 9563 WeigelJ Teacher Social Science
    Ms. White Rachel 9792 WhiteR Administrative Assistant/FOIA Contact Superintendent
    Ms. Whitlock Elisabeth 9446 WhitlocE Teacher Mathematics
    Ms. Will Deb 9475 WillD IMC Coordinator IMC
    Mr. Williams Taron 9847 WilliamT Instructional Aide Alternative Programming
    Ms. Wilson Erin 9398 WilsonE Teacher English/Reading
    Ms. Woodson Lisa 9511 WoodsonL Teacher Special Education
    Mr. Worthington Robert 9321 WorthinB Director Safety and Attendance
    Ms. Zameck Allison 9348 ZameckA Career Counselor Student Services
    Ms. Zeidler Marianna 9705 ZeidlerM Instructional Aide ELL


Last Modified on February 15, 2017