Welcome to the Safety & Attendance Office 
    The District Attendance and Safety Office is located by the courtyard cafeteria.
    Absence Reporting Lines:

    Freshmen and Seniors call:
    Juniors and Sophomores call:

    The Safety and Attendance Office is where students must go when they need to sign in or out of the building, get a student ID (temporary or permanent), or pick up various items that may be dropped off from home.

    Lost and Found

    Students who lose any items of value may go to the Attendance Office and request  a special Lost/ Stolen Report Form at which point our dedicated staff will do their best to assist the owner. Any students who find valuables that do not belong to them are required to bring them to the Safety and Attendance Office at their earliest convienance.
    Summer School

    Each year our school offers summer courses during which any student in need of repeating a course may do so for up to 2 semesters per session. Driver's Education and Summer Physical Education are open to all students who wish to repeat the class or to take the class ahead of time. (Seats are limited).


Last Modified on September 11, 2018