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    Science Department
    “The aim of science education is to develop in learners a rich and full understanding of the inquiry process; the key concepts and principles of life science, physical science, and earth and space sciences; and issues of science, understandings and their interactions with the natural world”- Illinois State Board of Education
    In our ever changing world students need the skills necessary to evaluate and understand the wealth of new information that is created every day. The goal of the science program is to help students acquire content knowledge while increasing their scientific literacy skills. The science courses will introduce students to new content while integrating College Readiness Standards to increase science literacy.Zion-Benton also strives to follow the National Science Teacher Association’s recommendation that 40 percent of science instruction time be spent in laboratory and hands on activities.
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    NAME DEPT. EXT.(847- 731-) EMAIL(@zbths.org)
    Bartolameolli, Matt Science 9575 BartolaM
    Boroski, Brian Science 9580 BoroskiB
    Bush, Chris Science 9576 BushC
    Goike, Bryan Science 9577 GoikeB
    Harmeling, Chris Science 9585 HarmeliC
    Johnson, Rebecca Science 9703 JohnsonR
    Kalpedis, Chris Science 9582 KalpediC
    Martensen, Scott Science 9589 MartensS
    Minnick, Gabrielle Science 9584 MinnickG
    Pavelske, Megan Science 9573 PavelskM
    Pickering, Amy Science 9704 PickeriA
    Roberts, Lora     Science 9581 RobertsL
    Shaw, Jacob Science 9574 ShawJ
    Shorey, Lauren Science 9578 ShoreyL
    Smyk, Kevin    Science 9702 SmykKe
    Voss, Alison Science 9586 VossA

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