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    Hello ! Welcome to the Zion-Benton Physical Education and Health!

    Physical Education Department Mission:
    In Physical Education the mission is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.
    Name: Ms. Jennifer Benjamin, Division Chair
    Email Address: benjamij
    Phone Number: 847-731-9570


    NAME:                                     EXT. (847-731-):                   EMAIL(@zbths.org):
    Boyle, Dayle                                    9433                                   BoyleD
    Cuttill, Drew                                   9425                                   CuttillD
    Johnson, Carrie                              9429                                   JohnsonC
    Kohler, Tina                                    9424                                   KohlerT
    Lunsford, Hal                                  9427                                   LunsforH
    Manning, Justin                              9420                                   ManningJ
    O'Connell, Dan                                9422                                   OConnelD
    Sexton, Julie                                   9529                                   SextonJ
    Villalobos, Ernesto                          9436                                   VillaloE
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