Math Department

    The Mathematics division teaches students the skills necessary to live and work productively as well as provide the strong background needed to pursue future mathematics studies.  The department's offerings provide options for meeting the individual needs and goals of a broad range of students.  Mathematics is a tool with a wide diversity of applications in other disciplines.  The department's curriculum reflects this through courses that stress applications and problem solving, and emphasizes a transfer of skills learned.  Electives encompass wide interests and needs.   

    If you have any questions about this department or have any suggestions to improve this webpage please contact:
    Name Nicole Briatta, Division Chair
    Phone Number: 847-731-9440 

     Staff Listing

     Name  Ext. (847-731-)  Email (@zbths.org)  Department
    Ahonen, Cyranda   9456 AhonenC Mathematics
    Arason, Christine 9464 ArasonC Mathematics
    Bewley, Mike 9462 BewleyM Mathematics
    Dravillas, Stacey 9451 DravillS Mathematics
    Golden, Erin 9452 GoldenE Mathematics
    Foerch, Cody 9458 FoerchC  Mathematics
    Harvala, Matt 9454 HarvalaM Mathematics
    Haske, Sarah 9449 HaskeS    Mathematics 
    Johnson, Nick 9443 JohnsonN Mathematics
    Latham, Erin 9718 LathamE Special Education
    Lewandowski, Aaron 9448 LewandoA Mathematics
    Lucke, Margaret 9463 LuckeM Mathematics
    Moynihan, Bob 9512 MoynihaR Special Education
    Palmer, Brian 9457 PalmerB Mathematics
    Rosin, Chrissy 9441 RosinC Mathematics
    Stackhouse, Lanaya  9453 StackhoL    Mathematics
    Stave, Mark  9518 StaveM Special Education
    Sutz, Howard 9517 SutzH Special Education
    Syc, Katie 9446 SycK Mathematics
    Theodore, Melissa 9447 TheodoreM Mathematics
    Voss, Kayla    9442 VossK Mathematics
    Wall, Kevin 9715 WallK Special Education