• District 126 Special Education Programming

    The district offers a number of special education programs to ensure all students’ needs are met and supported. Where the district is able to do so, we support students’ needs within the district to help our students remain connected to their school and community.

    The table below outlines the programming provided within the district.




    The district offers co-taught classes within all core content areas, including math, science, social studies, English, and health. Classes reflect the regular education curriculum but are appropriate for students who need additional support. To provide this additional support, classes are taught by two teachers, one regular education teacher and one special education teacher. Special education students who are recommended for co-taught classes have it identified in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


    The district offers instructional level classes for all the core content areas and some electives. Instructional classes are self-contained special education classes that are aligned to the regular education curriculum but are modified for students who might be functioning at a lower level and require a smaller class setting and additional support.

    Itinerant Services

    The district offers various itinerant services that are provided to students with unique learning challenges.  These services address hearing, vision, and orientation and mobility needs.

    Educational Life Skills (ELS)

    The district offers two Educational Life Skills classrooms. The classes are appropriate for students that require a functional life skills curriculum.

    Teaching Appropriate Behaviors (TAB)

    The district offers two Teaching Appropriate Behavior (TAB) classrooms. Student can be placed in the TAB program for up to five periods a day due to their need for a variety of behavioral or emotional supports. One room services emotionally fragile students, and one room services behaviorally challenged students.


    The district offers a community-based transition program that services students that range from 18 to 22 years of age.  The Transition program is designed to help these young adults move from high school into adult life. Students are provided with job training, transportation training, and work on various life skills.

    Zion Alternative Program (ZAP)

    The Zion Alternative Program (ZAP) is designed for students who require a fully self-contained environment for behavior or emotional concerns. This program is designed for students who have a goal of eventually being mainstreamed to the main campus on a full- or part-time basis.