• Name Position  Contact Email**    
    Board of Education All Members BoardofEducation@zbths.org    
    Mr. Shawn White* President MemberWhite@zbths.org    
    Mr. Jerry Nordstrom* Vice President MemberNordstrom@zbths.org 
    Mrs. Kim Leech* Secretary MemberLeech@zbths.org    
    Mr. Loren Karner*               Member MemberKarner@zbths.org     
    Mr. Jorge Nieto* Member MemberNieto@zbths.org    
    Mrs. Kathleen Richards* Member MemberRichards@zbths.org    
    Mrs. Gina Roberts* Member MemberRoberts@zbths.org    
    *Completed mandatory School Board training in compliance with PA97-08 for Board members.  
    **Click on BoardofEducation@zbths.org to email the entire Board of Education.  You will be taken to the Board of Education's Problem Solving Policy and a link to an email message form to complete.  A copy of the form will be provided to all Board members.

    Note: All Board members will receive copies of messages sent to individual Board member's email address.

     ZBTHS Dist. 126 BOE

    Back Row:  Superintendent Dr. Chris Clark, Chief School Business Official Audrey Liddle

    Front Row:  Jorge Nieto, Secretary Kim Leech, President Shawn White, Gina Roberts

    Not Pictured:  Vice President Jerry Nordstrom, Loren Karner, Kathleen Roberts


Last Modified on July 27, 2018