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    Being a member of the ZBTHS TechCrew provides a unique opportunity to learn computer technology support and maintenance in a “hands-on” multi-platform, networked environment. We use an industry model in our organization with student centered leadership opportunities. Career opportunities in the computer technology field are outstanding and our goal for the program’s student participants is to prepare them with entry-level skills and experience.

    TechCrew meets every day after school. Students also have the opportunity to come in during their study halls to work in the Tech Office as a student aide. TechCrew meets over the summer as well. During the summer, students come in and help prep for the coming school year; qualifying students have the opportunity to be paid.

             TechCrew is a great opportunity for students to learn, to grow, make new friends, and obtain skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in joining TechCrew, fill out the application and one of the expectation sheets and turn them into the Tech Office. For any questions or additional information please contact the Tech Office at: (847) 731-9777.