• Annually, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) releases a School Report Card for every school in the State of Illinois.  District 126's report cards can be accessed via the following links: 

    • 2017 Zion-Benton Twp. High School Report Card:  click here
    • 2017 New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East School Report Card:  click here
    The ISBE also provides school report card information at www.IllinoisReportCard.com. Unfortunately, this resource does not provide the years of ACT trend data that have been captured while the ACT/PSAE was the state required test for all juniors.  Readers are encouraged to review the campuses' Title I School Wide Plans for historical information regarding our schools' academic progress: 
    • Zion-Benton Twp. High School Title I School Wide Plan:   click here 
    • New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East Title I School Wide Plan:  click here
    Illinois required one level of high school students take the PARCC examinations in 2015 and 2016.  The state has now discontinued its administration of PARCC at the high school level, and high schools transitioned from ACT to SAT in 2017.  The discontinuance of  PARCC and transition to SAT are welcomed by Illinois high schools.  
    In 2015 there was a significant national outcry regarding the PARCC performance benchmarks that were developed following PARCC's first administration in 2015.  Illinois high schools had administered PARCC at the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade; different tests were administered based on grade level; some  schools administered the assessments online while others with paper and pencil; many schools experienced a high percentage of opt-outs; and the compilation of all of these varying data was used to set a single set of benchmarks that, arguably, failed to be valid, reliable, or relevant.  The argument was also put forth that if indeed PARCC was to assess students’ readiness to be successful in college, then the PARCC data should have more closely aligned to historical college success data.  It did not.  The other challenge was that since PARCC was not a requirement for high school graduation nor recognized by colleges as a valid college entrance exam, students did not see its importance and were less motivated to take it seriously. 
    Additional information about the District's Strategic Plan for Improvement can be found at this link:  click here