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    As adults, today's students will encounter tremendous change during their lifetimes.   Our goal in English is to help students learn skills that will allow them to meet and adapt to an American culture that science, technology, business and the media reshape daily.   Therefore, we believe that students must think, read, and write at more than a functional level; they must do so at a creative and critical one that will give them an independence of mind.  
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    Name: Mr. Michael Blades, Division Chair
    Email Address: bladesm@zbths.org
    Extension: (847) 731-9370

    NAME DEPT EXT (847-731-) EMAIL (@zbths.org)
    Mr. Burd, Jeff Reading 9383 burdj
    Ms. Danos, Maria
    9719 danosm
    Ms. Demin, Whitney English/SPED   deminw
    Ms. DiGrazia, Christine English 9371 digrazic
    Ms. Engstrom, Heather English
    9380 hughesh
    Mr. Franklin, Colin English 9384 franklic
    Ms. Grieco, Tina
    9510 griecot
    Ms. Hanrahan, Melissa
    9716 hanraham
    Ms. Keenan, Mary
    English 9408 keenanm
    Ms. Lastacy, Courtney
    English 9386 lastacyc
    Mr. Lusk, Cory
    9717 luskc
    Mr. Ledman, Bo English 9382 ledmanm
    Mr. McLaren, David English 9387 mclarend
    Ms. Regnier, Kelly English/VPA 9381 regnierk
    Mr. Rossie, Nick English 9390 rossien
    Mr. Ryczek, Michael English 9391 ryczekm
    Mr. Sevener, Jeff English 9388 sevenerj
    Ms. Sherman, Genevieve English 9372 shermang
    Ms. Slabaugh, Corin English 9385 slabaugc
    Ms. Staples, Tiffany  English 9393 staplest
    Mr. Tennant, Stephen English 9374 tennants
    Ms. Usher-Brooks, Nakisha Reading 9373 ushern
    Ms. Wilson, Erin English  9398 wilsone
    Ms. Womack, Elise English 9375 womacke

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