• Welcome to New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East

    Only 400 students large, NT@ZB provides a highly focused educational environment within Zion-Benton Township. A part of District 126, NT@ZB is a companion campus to the larger central campus located across town.
    NT@ZB emphasizes 21st century learning skills in addition to core content.  Students are placed into cohorts where they attend all classes together, focusing on multi-disciplinary projects.
    NT@ZB Students
    In addition to the core content areas of English, mathematics, social sciences, physical sciences, and physical education, NT@ZB offers electives that place a focus on the world outside of the classroom: Power Skills, Entrepreneurship, Career Skills, and an internship program. Juniors and Seniors who qualify may enroll with the College of Lake County and take dual-credit courses for their upperclass electives.
    NT@ZB is more than just a school, it works to bring needed 21st century skills to the classroom to prepare all students for a successful future. As its motto says, NT@ZB truly is “A Break With Tradition.”