• District-Wide Assessment Days 

    Wordle District 126 has two district-wide assessment days during the school year - one in the fall and one in the spring.  The intent of these assessments is to gather important information regarding progress in students’ skill levels in English, Math, Reading, and Science.  This data helps measure a student’s academic growth and inform instructional practice. 
    To measure academic skill levels, the district uses ACT's EPAS series of tests.  This series comprises of practice and official assessments over three years to measure the academic growth of all students from fall of freshman year through the spring of their junior year.  The EPAS series consists of three ACT-constructed tests:
    • Explore EXPLORE - The first in the EPAS series of exams, the EXPLORE test measures where students are at as they enter high school.  Most students entering District 126 take their official EXPLORE text in the fall of their eighth grade year.  These scores help place students in the most appropriate courses as they enter high school.  In addition, the World of Work map helps students match their academic strengths with their career choices to help inform them of what direction to begin to take as they make their high school journey.
    • PLAN - the second EPAS exam, the PLAN test measures where students are halfway through the series.  It informs students, parents, teachers, and administrators how far the student has come in their academic plans, and how far they have to reach their goals.  Again, the World of Work map helps students match their changing career goals to their academic strengths and weaknesses, informing them of where to put their efforts as they continue to plan coursework.
    • The ACT - The ACT is the third and final exam of our College and Career Readiness System. The test uses the same score scale as ACT Explore and ACT Plan, making the system an effective tool to monitor academic progress and student growth.  The ACT is part of Illinois' PSAE assessment, and all students in the district must take it as part of their junior year.
    The table below shows the district's assessment timeline.  

    Fall Assessment Day

    Spring Assessment Day

    Grade 09 Practice EXPLORE Official PLAN
    Grade 10  Practice PLAN Practice ACT
    Grade 11  Practice ACT Official ACT test 
    If you have any questions about your student's scores or about the assessment scheduling, contact the NTZB guidance counselor's office or the district student services office.