• Athletics at NT@ZB


    Because of our small size, it is not practical for NT@ZB to foster its own athletic program.  Instead, District 126 athletics are open to all students within the district, including those at New Tech.  Visit the ZB Athletics website for more information on the specifics for sports and their schedules.
    Each participating student must have a current athletic physical on file, as well as the registration form for each season along with the $100 fee for each season's athletics. 


    Our schedule varies from the ZB campus by 23 minutes.  The afternoon buses will pick up NT@ZB students at our doors and bring them to the ZB campus.  Athletes with after school practices can get off the bus just as ZB is dismissing, and can join in their practices just like any other student.  Student with early morning or evening practices must, like all students, provide their own transportation to and from practices.
    If you do not normally ride the bus, make sure that your school ID is marked for athletics so you can ride the bus to the ZB campus for practice.

    Athletic Study Sessions

    Like all District 126 athletes, students earning a D or an F in academic courses must attend Athletic Study Sessions.   These sessions are devoted to giving athletes time to work on catching up for their classes.  The number of study tables that students must attend depends upon the grades being earned:  for each D, a student must attend one study session per week, and for each F, students must attend two study sessions per week before becoming eligible to participate in athletics.  If a student were earning three Ds, they must attend three study sessions; two Fs would be four study sessions, etc.  The schedule for study sessions changes depending on availability of the proctors, but often happen before school or during lunch.
    The eligibility grades are entered by teachers each Tuesday night, and are distributed to coaches weekly.  If you feel that you are in danger of having a D or F in class, then first contact your teacher to find out what you must do to raise your grade.  Then, check with the main office for when to attend the study sessions at NT.  Finally, ensure that when you do attend your session, that you are marked present and get credit for the session.
    Athletics are important for District 126 students, but the athletic department realizes that academics come first.