• Rigor

    Wordle With its college and career preparatory curriculum, NT@ZB works to prepare students for life after high school regardless of their plans. The project-based environment works to deliver not only academic rigor, but also access to 21st Century skills as well.

    To connect our coursework together with the rest of District 126, NT@ZB also focuses its curriculum using ACT's College Readiness Standards.  Using ACT's score bands, the College Readiness Standards are applied and implemented at each grade level to help streamline and scaffold instruction for all students at all grade levels.
    Our integrated math curriculum, also based upon ACT's College Readiness Standards, allows for students who may need some additional work to get what they need, as well as allowing more advanced students to put their knowledge and skills to work in more practical applications.
    In addition, junior and senior students who pass a prerequisite exam have the ability to register for dual-credit coursework. In partnership with College of Lake County, NT@ZB offers an opportunity for students to take coursework that will fulfill their high school graduation requirements as well as most collegiate general education requirements.  Successful students have an opportunity to graduate with as many as 24 hours of college credit on their transcripts, allowing them to jump right into their select college coursework right out of high school.