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    New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East will be offering students the opportunity to complete an internship this Spring Semester. You can help students explore career interests, improve their marketability and learn the basic responsibilities of a real-life job by hosting an intern in your organization.

    Hosting a student as an intern can give you:
    • New ideas and assistance to complete projects and tasks for your organization.
    • A chance to help local students gain professional confidence and motivation to pursue their dreams.
    • Optional publicity and an enhanced image.
    • An opportunity to make a community contribution at little or no cost.

    Highlights of our Internship Program include:
    • Students must meet academic, attendance and behavior requirements and attain teacher recommendations in order to apply for a position.
    • Students are selected by you, and not “placed.”
    • Together, you and the student determine the work schedule and learning goals.
    • Students attend biweekly seminars to learn applicable job skills.
    • Early release is given once a week for students to attend the internship.
    • Program is designed to be flexible in order to accommodate your business needs.
    If your organization is interested in hosting an intern contact Janelle Hoeksema: HoeksemJ@ntzb.org or call 847-746-0903

Last Modified on October 28, 2010