What to do...
    Do you have a problem with your computer and need it
    solved right away? If not, then your at the wrong page,
    but if so then you may call TechCrew anytime before,
    during, and after school.
    All you have to do is call The Tech Office at ext. 3800
    or create a ticket at ntzb.sherpadesk.com. one of the
    Students in there that hour would answer the phone
    asking how they would help you. In order for TechCrew
    to fully understand the problem and for them to report
    as soon as possible you'll need to say the following:
    • Your name
    • Your extention
    • The classroom number
    • The problem (try to make it as detailed as possible;
      tell them of any errors that you recieve. And if the
      computer is making a very loud noise... Turn it off!!!)
    • And last, tell them the ungency of the problem.
      If it needs to be done right away then tell them.
      If its not important and could be fixed by time the
      next day please say so because Tech Crew
      recieves many reports of problems everyday
      and they need to sort out all the problems in
      order of urgency
    This is all that TechCrew would need to help you.
    Any extra information is unneeded and may complicate the situation.
    (Email addresses end in @ntzb.org)
    Tech Support
    NT@ZB TechCrew x3800
    David Matteson
    Technology Site Coordinator
    Email: mattesoda
    Joe Fleming
    ZBTHS LAN Administrator
    Email: flemingj
    John Meyer
    ZBTHS System Support Specialist x9772
    Email: meyerjb
    Dan Sullivan
    ZBTHS Data Analyst x
    Email: sullivad
Last Modified on December 7, 2016