New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East envisions a balance among its students that is reflective of the general population of Zion-Benton Township High School District 126.  Below are the policies to be implemented in the selection of students to be admitted to New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East for the 2011-2012 school year.

    Admission Requirements

    In order to attain the vision of a diverse student population, District 126 will have an admissions process designed to reach out to District 126 families and enable the school to achieve this vision.

    In order to attract informed applicants who are committed to the school program and philosophy, all parents who desire to enroll their student at New Tech will be required to attend a Parent Orientation Meeting.  All students applying to New Tech will also be required to submit a completed application packet (see application for requirements you need to meet in order to complete an application).  All applicants must be on track to successfully graduate 8th grade, be Algebra ready with an ACT EXPLORE assessment score of 14 in Mathematics, and score a 13 in Reading.   Those students who have not completed the ACT EXPLORE must make an appointment with the New Tech Principal to complete this assessment.  Students who did not achieve a 14 in Mathematics and/or a 13 in Reading on the EXPLORE exam may be considered if they:  1) agree to complete and pass a summer Algebra and/or Language Arts course requirement, 2) have a supportive recommendation from their eighth grade Language Arts and/or Math teacher(s), and 3) complete an enrollment interview with the Principal of New Tech High.  Those students who have an IEP or Section 504 plan, meet the above eligibility, and receive a supportive recommendation from the 504/IEP team, which includes District 126 LEA(s), will be considered for assignment to New Tech.   All applicants must complete the 9th Grade Application to Attend ("Application") with a Parent and Student signature.  Execution of the Application by both the Parent and Student is an acknowledgement that they agree that the Student shall attend and complete the four-year program at New Tech High.

    Consistent with District 126 policies, prior to the lottery, preference for enrollment will be given in the following order:

                    1.  Those students who have siblings currently enrolled in the school.

                    2.  Those students who have siblings who have graduated from the school.

    Enrollment Lottery - Freshman Class Only

    In order to ensure equity and fairness, all New Tech High students will be selected by lottery at the end of the enrollment period.  The procedure for the lottery will be as follows:

            a.     Only students whose completed applications were received prior to the end of open enrollment will be included in the lottery.  Applications must be received in the Principals Office by the close of business Friday, January 21, 2011.

            b.     The lottery will include only students who reside within District 126 boundaries and those who have met the requirement of attending a Parent Orientation Meeting or meeting with the New Tech Principal in lieu of.

            c.     Twins/triplets/etc. are all accepted if one is drawn, provided each has submitted an application.

            d.     All students who have met the EXPLORE Mathematics and Reading entry score requirements will be selected from a single pool of applicants.  The number of male and female students accepted shall be proportionate to the number of applications received.  If all seats are not filled from this pool, students who meet the alternate Mathematics and/or Reading requirements will be assigned, prioritized by their EXPLORE Mathematics and Reading scores.  Those students who scored closest to entry requirements will be assigned first.  If multiple students received the same EXPLORE score, they will be drawn from a single pool to determine order of assignment.    

            e.     Student acceptance is conditioned upon the student successfully graduating from the 8th grade and, where applicable, passing the summer Algebra and/or Language Arts program and/or being recommended by the student's IEP/Section 504 team. 

            f.     The lottery will be held at the District 126 office and will be overseen by the Superintendent.

            g.     Selection will continue until 104 applicants have been chosen.  The 105th student selected and beyond will be placed on a waiting list in the order he/she is drawn.

            h.     Waiting list students will be notified (in the order they appear on the waiting list) if a seat becomes available.  Should a student choose not to take the seat, his/her name will be removed from the waiting list, and we will notify the next student on the waiting list until all of the seats are filled.

            i.      Open enrollment for District 126 ends on Friday, February 25, 2011.  Should you change your mind about attending New Tech High, you must notify the new Tech High Principal's Office in writing prior to the end of the school business day on Friday, February 25, 2011.

            j.      Students may continue to apply directly at New Tech High after the open enrollment period and will be accepted or placed at the bottom of the waiting list, following those students who applied during the open enrollment period.

            k.     Once accepted, students are subject to the Districts' intra-district transfer criteria/policy.

    *Admission to New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East shall be open to all students on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, gender, ethnicity, behavior, ancestry, disability or academic achievement, in accordance with the admission policy outlined above.  New Tech High shall be nonsectarian and shall not charge tuition for admission to the school.

Last Modified on October 20, 2008