• To maintain the safety of students and staff, the district has developed an “Office Hours” model to ensure students have daily access to their teachers for instructional support, including in-person access to teachers up to twice each week.

    • All teachers will be available Monday-Thursday for virtual instructional support, but to ensure safety, the district will provide a schedule that outlines which teachers will be on campus each day for in-person office hours. If not on campus, teachers will still be available to support students via remote meetings.  
    • To ensure appropriate classroom space and social distancing, students will need to sign up for appointments and follow the district’s health and safety protocols before entering and while in the district’s buildings. 
    • Students will have access to an additional private space in the building to continue working should they need to relocate after their appointment but want to continue working. 

    Getting to School

    The district will provide activity bus routes at the conclusion of the 12:15 school day for any student who has made an appointment to meet with a teacher or support staff member for in-person support.  

    Teacher Availability

    Teachers will communicate their in-person office hours availability through their Canvas (ZBTHS) or ECHO (New Tech) course pages.  They will also provide guidance for students on how to sign up to attend in person. 

    Getting Home

    The district will provide bus transportation home through its activity bus routes at the conclusion of the school day (2:30-New Tech and 2:45-ZBTHS).