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    Parent/Guardian Access Instructions for Echo

    Welcome to Echo!  Echo will give you access to your student’s course agendas, assignments, grades, awards, and behavior reports.  In addition, you will be able to see school events, staff contact information, school groups, and school resources.  To begin accessing Echo, follow the instructions below and begin exploring!

    To Access Echo:  Open your browser and go to https://echo.newtechnetwork.org. 

    Log-in:  Enter your username and password (assigned by school).

    Home Page: 

    The home page contains recent school events, links to groups that you have joined, and the day’s agenda for each class that your student is enrolled in.  If you have more than one student enrolled in the school, you can toggle between the students’ course agendas, as shown below:



    To access your student’s course materials and assignments, click on the Courses Tab from the home page.  You will see a list of the courses your student is enrolled in.  Click on a course title to see the details of that course.  You will then see the course homepage, as shown below:


    From the course homepage, you can access agendas, projects, the course gradebook, activities (or assignments), and course resources. Click on the tabs within the course homepage for access each of the following:

    Agendas:  By default you will see the current day’s agenda for the course.  To see past or future agendas, use the calendar to click on the date.  Days with agendas appear in orange on the calendar.

    Projects:  To see the active projects for the course, click on the Projects Tab.  You will then see a list of projects for the course.  Click on a project title to access the materials associated with that project.  A good place to start is the project Entry Document, which introduces the project. 

    Gradebook:  This will display your student’s current overall grade, the breakdown of their grade across the school-wide learning outcomes, and a list of graded activities.

    Activities:  All graded assignments are called activities.  The activities tab will list all activities associated with the course.  Click on an activity title to see the details of the activity.  As a parent you have’ read-only’ access to the activity.

    Resources:  All resources associated with the course can be accessed on the Resources tab.  This includes anything that is ungraded, such as a course syllabus, links to useful websites, summary of notes, etc.


    The events tab will display the current day’s school events.  To see past or future events, click on the date on the calendar.  Dates with events appear in orange on the calendar.



    The Grades tab will provide a list of your student’s courses and their associated grade.  You can click on a course title for more details about the grade.  You will also see a summary of your student’s grade for each of the school-wide learning outcomes.  For example, the student below has an average grade of 93% in Critical Thinking across all of their courses.  If you have more than one student at the school, you can toggle between students using the drop down menu. For questions about your student’s grades, please contact the instructor(s) of that course.



    The groups tab will list all of the school groups you have joined.  If you have not joined a group, you can access a list of the groups at the school by clicking on the All Groups tab, show below.




    The People tab, allows you to access the contact information for staff at the school and other parents.  You can edit your own contact information by clicking on ‘My Profile’ at the top of the page. 



    The library tab will allow you to see any resources that the school has posted, such as a school calendar, student guidelines, and other school policies and procedures.



    The Tools tab will allow you to access any kudos (positive recognitions), awards, and behavior reports for your student.  Click on the tool title to see the entries. Please contact the school for questions about the use of these tools.


Last Modified on September 21, 2010