Academic Departments

  • We are proud of the many course opportunities that are available for our students at Zion-Benton Twp. High School District 126.  Regular education classes at Zion-Benton Township High School are offered through fourteen departments divided among six departments. While each class presents students with unique content, all are intended to produce high school graduates with the skills necessary for success in college and a professional career.
    Education is a collaborative effort involving the contributions of students, families, teachers, support staff, administrators, and the community as a whole. It is our hope that the selection of courses will be a process in which attention is given to each student’s academic potential and plans for the future. Throughout their time at ZBTHS, students will play an increasingly important role in selecting their courses of study; the awareness that decisions in high school have enduring consequences is a powerful lesson for adolescents. Student placement is a vital process in the implementation of Zion-Benton Township High School’s mission:

    “To promote self-worth, social responsibility, and lifelong learning in partnership with our community.”

    ZBTHS Principal:
    Dr. Chris Pawelczyk

    ZBTHS Department Heads:
    Mr. Michael Wollney
       - Science and Health & Physical Education
    Mr. Michael Blades
       - English/Reading and Bilingual Education
    Dr. Jasey Kolarik
       - Social Science and World Language
    Ms. Jennifer Lang
       - Transition and ZAP
    Dr. Nicole Stommel 
       - Math and Driver Ed
    Mr. Andrew Stout
       - Career Programming:
          Business, Family & Consumer Science, NJROTC,
          Industry & Technology, Visual & Performing Arts
    Ms. Emily Waddick
       - Special Education

    Note:  Details regarding the course offerings and programming offered at New Tech High @ Zion Benton-East are available via the school's website by clicking here.

Dr. Chris Pawelczyk
  • Dr. Chris Pawelczyk
    (847) 731-9303