• The NT@ZB Guidance Office oversees students' overall academic progress. Monitoring progress towards graduation, guiding college and career preparedness, and providing scholarship information, the guidance counselor is the resource that all students need to utilize during their time at NT@ZB.  The college/career counselor also monitors all district assessments to ensure that students are matching their existing skills with their plans for the future.
    The guidance office also works with students who may have failed classes to create a plan to ensure that students can fulfill graduation requirements. Whether the plan includes 9th Hour Credit Recovery, summer school, or Project Recover, the guidance office will work with students and families to plan for post-high school life.
    Should students need to see the guidance counselor, they should make an appointment in the main office to see if she is available.
    In the left navigation bar, you will find pages that link to a variety of resources that the guidance office recommends for students. 

    NT@ZB CEEB Code: 144-516