• One element of NT@ZB's program is the rigorous curricular requirements for graduation. Students need to pass all their scheduled coursework in order to be on track not only for graduation, but also for the rigors of career and college life after high school. Sometimes students, for whatever reason, need to make up a credit-bearing course in order to complete their graduation eligibility. Should this be the case, students will need to enroll in one of District 126's credit recovery options.
    District 126 utilizes Apex Learning for most of its credit recovery options.  Students may use Apex coursework to recover credits due to failed courses as well as courses that may be missing due to transfer from an outside institution. Apex coursework is designated as an Apex course on the high school transcript. If there are concerns about whether or not this course designation will meet your individual post-secondary requirements, you should check with the Guidance Office.
    Credit recovery programs are heavily dependent on the individual student's motivation to succeed. Apex coursework allows students to work at their own pace, but there are still timelines for successful course completion. Be sure to discuss your timeline and the number of required courses with the guidance counselor. 

    9th Hour

    9th Hour is one option for credit recovery within District 126. NT@ZB students who need to make up coursework can attend 9th hour at the ZB campus after school, Monday through Thursday during the semester.

    Summer School

    Summer school opportunities in District 126 begin roughly one week after graduation ceremonies.  Summer school is an opportunity for students who need to recover credits to make them up during the summer months between semesters. Students cannot use summer school to apply a credit for a future course in the curriculum. However, if a student is not eligible for the Behind-the-Wheel component of driver education during their sophomore year due, they may use summer school to complete their BtW.
    Summer school is scheduled into two three-week sessions of five hours each day. During a session, students may register for two .5 credit courses, for a total of 1.0 credits per session. Students may register for both sessions, allowing students to recover a total of up to 2.0 credits during summer school.  Students should meet with their guidance counselor to ensure that they are registered for courses that will recover their credits quickly.
    As with 9th hour, summer school utilizes the Apex Learning system for many, although not all, courses.  This system is a self-paced system, allowing students to work at their own pace, but students must ensure that they have completed each course during the three-week session for which they are enrolled. Students who do not complete their courses will not get a refund, nor will they earn credit for the course.
    To register for driver education during summer school, a student must have received a passing grade in at least eight (8) subjects during the preceding two (2) semesters. Student must live within the boundaries of District 126 to be eligible to register for driver education and have all school fees paid in full prior to enrolling. 
    In both programs, attendance is mandatory.  Students who are absent for six hours during each session will be dropped from summer school.  Dropped students will not receive a refund, nor will they earn credit for the course.

    Project Recover

    In the event that a student has too many credits missing to recover before graduation through 9th Hour and/or summer school, District 126 offers Project Recover as a way to complete a student's high school education.
    Located at the Pearce East campus, Project Recover utilizes the Apex Learning system to bring students' earned credits up to date.  Once students have recovered, they are eligible to return to NT@ZB to graduate. If need be, students can continue recovering credits after their original graduation date, completing their diploma requirements during a fifth year.
    Like the other Apex Learning-based options, Project Recover is a self-paced program. Upon admission to the program, the student, counselor, and District Director of Student Services will create a plan laying out the pace that the student must follow to be successful, thus graduating or returning to NT@ZB.  Students attend Project Recover in one of the three-hour blocks during the school day, working at their own pace. The courses are completed one at a time, so the student is only focusing on one subject area before moving on to the next one. This allows students to focus on one area of recovery at a given time.  To make it more convenient for students to recover credits, students are also able to continue their work outside of school, using an internet-enabled computer to continue their coursework. However, they are still expected to attend the program during the school day so their progress can be monitored and checked against their progress plan.
    Project Recover is only available on a limited basis. Students who are not willing to follow their scheduled plan for completion, attend the program regularly, or follow the District 126 behavioral guidelines may be dropped from the program. To be admitted to the program, schedule a meeting with your guidance counselor to review your current credits and whether Project Recover would be appropriate for your situation.