• Social media is an ever-evolving facet of 21st century technology.  While the 1990's saw the advent of the World Wide Web, bringing information easily into the classroom, the 2000's saw the rapid advancement of technology that allow people to share their thoughts, events, pictures, and private moments quicker and easier than ever before.  With the technological tools that NT@ZB uses, we recognize the importance of social media to the 21st century classroom.
      NT@ZB has several official social media outlets.  These outlets allow teachers, students, parents and community members to digitally share in New Tech life as it's posted, in real-time.  We have our own Facebook page, as well as our official Twitter feed.  These channels complement the news and information available on our website and newsletters, giving followers access to events, pictures, up-to-date news, and continued information about the goings-on at NT@ZB.
      As social media outlets continue to evolve, New Tech is working to keep up-to-date with our information distribution.  Follow our pages in the sidebar to look further at the social media we are using.