• Healthy YOUth

    Healthy YOUth (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) is a drug prevention program for dedicated, hard-working, and responsible Z-BTHS students who have chosen to be drug-free and who want to share that commitment with others in their community.  

    Healthy YOUth is more than just a club.  The program is sponsored not only by Z-BTHS, but by the Lake County Health Department and the Zion-Benton Coalition for Healthy Communities.  

    Healthy YOUth members will meet twice a month to keep up-to-date in drug prevention, learn leadership and presentation skills, get to know each other and to have fun!   

    For the October 4th Meeting Minutes, please click here.

    Healthy Youth Sponsors:

    Deborah Will, IMC Coordinator:  847-731-9475 willd@zbths.org
    Colleen Rodriguez-Newton, Counselor:  847-731-9345, newtonc@zbths.org 
    Start the school year off right with a free t-shirt and committing to BEEing the BEST BEE you can BEE with a
    ZB Committed T-Shirt: 
    1.  Complete a 30 minute training and print out the certificate that shows it is complete.  Click here for the link:
    2.  Sign a copy of our ZB Committed Creed.  Print this out and sign it.  
    3.  Register for Remind texts by following these directions:
    Zb Remind  
    4.  Bring the certificate (step #1) and the signed Creed (step #2) to the IMC and turn it in to Mrs. Will.  T-shirts will be given out as sizes permit.  If more sizes are needed, more shirts will be ordered.
    Healthy YOUth Drug-Free Pledge and Code of Conduct

    Healthy YOUth is an organization designed for students who have chosen to be drug-free and who wish to share this commitment with others.  In order for the Healthy YOUth program to be effective and to maintain its integrity, Healthy YOUth Members must be completely drug free while they are in the program and for six months before they start the program.  Healthy YOUth Members must also be exemplary role models for the school and the community.  

    Please click here to view the 2017-2018 Code of Conduct and Permission Slip 
Last Modified on October 5, 2017