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    The purpose of this contest is to develop a t-shirt slogan/design that supports the 80% of ZBTHS students who choose not to use alcohol.  We've made great progress with our NONSMOKER t-shirts, and now we'd like to see a similar campaign for our anti-alcohol use message.  If HY selects a student design/slogan from this contest, the winner will receive 2 free movie tickets (AND a free t-shirt) from Healthy YOUth. To enter the t-shirt slogan contest and win movie tickets please click here.


    Healthy YOUth (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) is a drug prevention program for dedicated, hard-working, and responsible Z-BTHS students who have chosen to be drug-free and who want to share that commitment with others in their community.  

    Healthy YOUth is more than just a club.  The program is sponsored not only by Z-BTHS, but by the Lake County Health Department and the Zion-Benton Coalition for Healthy Communities.  

    Healthy YOUth members will meet twice a month to keep up-to-date in drug prevention, learn leadership and presentation skills, get to know each other and to have fun!   


    All students who wish to be a part of Healthy YOUth for the 2018-2019 School Year should follow these directions:
    1.  See the a full explanation about the directions to apply by clicking here.
    2.  Complete the permission slip and Healthy YOUth Code of Conduct found here.
    3.  Submit the online application by clicking here.
    4.  Complete a project and turn it in to Mrs. Will by 8:00 am on Friday, September 21st. For project details, please click here. (See 2nd page)
    Healthy Youth Sponsors:

    Deborah Will, IMC Coordinator:  847-731-9475 willd@zbths.org
    Brent Hall, Social Science Teacher:  847-731-9564, hallb@zbths.org 
    Register for Remind texts by following these directions:
     Remind Directions
    Healthy YOUth Drug-Free Pledge and Code of Conduct

    Healthy YOUth is an organization designed for students who have chosen to be drug-free and who wish to share this commitment with others.  In order for the Healthy YOUth program to be effective and to maintain its integrity, Healthy YOUth Members must be completely drug free while they are in the program and for six months before they start the program.  Healthy YOUth Members must also be exemplary role models for the school and the community.  

    Please click here to view the 2017-2018 Code of Conduct and Permission Slip 

    Level Activities

    Students who wish to distinguish themselves in Healthy YOUth have the option of completing activity levels.  The education level must be obtained before any other levels will be awarded; however, students may begin working on levels simultaneously.  


    Education Level

    Service Level

    Leadership Level

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