The District 126 Athletic Program is open to all District 126 students, including New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East students.  Visit the District 126 Athletic Department website for requirements for participating in athletics, specific sport information, schedules, and an Athletic Department calendar.  Each participating student must have a current athletic physical on file, a signed parent/guardian permission form, a completed IHSA Concussion Protocol Form, and a $100 athletic participation fee that covers the entire school year.  

    New Tech High's daily schedule varies from the ZB campus by 23 minutes.  Afternoon buses will pick up NT@ZB students at New Tech High and bring them to the ZBTHS campus. Athletes who have after school practices can get off the bus and join athletic practices just like any other District 126 student.  Students with early morning or evening practices must, like all students, provide their own transportation to and from practices.
    If students do not normally ride the bus, they should make sure that their school ID is marked for athletics so they can ride the bus to the ZBTHS campus for practice.
    Athletic Study Sessions

    Any student finding themselves on the weekly athletic grade report for failure to pass 2.5 credits, sustain a 2.0 Grade Point Average in their current classes, or for earning an “F” grade in a class, MUST attend two Study Sessions the following week in order to remain eligible for athletics.   These sessions are devoted to giving athletes time to work on catching up in their courses.  See the Athletic Handbook for details on requirements.  Eligibility checks occur every week.  If students feel that they are in danger of meeting athletic eligibility requirements, they should first contact their teacher(s) to find out what they must do to raise their grade(s).  Athletes who attend athletic Study Sessions should make sure they are marked present to ensure they get credit for attending the session.