To post your alumni or reunion Information on this site, send an email to
    webcrew with any information you want displayed.(zbwebcrew@zbths.org)

    ZB alumni are now using alumniclass.com to stay in touch with their former classmates.  On this site you can "use the site to reunite with classmates, plan upcoming class reunions and share memories."   Once you get there you'll need to register with the site in order to access any alumni information.
    To get to the ZB alum section of that site just click this link http://www.alumniclass.com/zionbenton.

    Class Reunions
    We no longer keep information on class reunions on this site as alumni prefer to work with alumniclass.com.  Please click the link above to visit that site. If you would like to post information about an upcoming class reunion on this site please contact zbwebcrew@zbths.org and we'd be happy to help you do so.
    Individuals who are already registered on classmates.com need to check their information on that site to make sure they have their current email and information.

Last Modified on March 20, 2017