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    Current Unit: Mental Disorders & Suicide
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    Mental Disorders
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    Last day to make up: 10.15.18 
    Make-up exams for excused absences are
    taken in the IMC Testing Center. IMC hours
    are the following:
       • Before school beginning at 7:00 am
       • During study halls (Not students' lunch hours
          or advisories)
       • After school until 4:00 pm
    Special Note: In planning make-up times, students
    must check regularly with the IMC for periodic
    closings due to programming in the IMC. Waiting
    until the last day, only to learn upon arriving to the 
    IMC that it is closed for a program, does not 
    extend the make-up window.
    Mr. Cuttill
    Name: Drew C. Cuttill, M.A.
    Email Address: cuttilld@zbths.org
    Phone Number: 847-731-9425
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