Healthy YOUth (Youth Opportunities Unlimited)


    Healthy YOUth (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) is a drug prevention program for dedicated, hard-working, and responsible Z-BTHS students who have chosen to be drug-free and who want to share that commitment with others in their community.

    Healthy YOUth is more than just a club.  The program is sponsored not only by Z-BTHS, but also the Cebrin Goodman Center and the Zion-Benton Coalition for Healthy Communities. Healthy YOUth members will meet twice a month to keep up-to-date in drug prevention, learn leadership and presentation skills, get to know each other, and to have fun!   

    We hope you will consider joining us for the 2020-2021 school year!

    Healthy YOUth members will meet twice a month to keep up-to-date in drug prevention, learn leadership and presentation skills, get to know each other and to have fun!   During remote learning, our meetings will take place via Zoom every other Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 pm.

    To be eligible applicants must:

    1.   Be tobacco, alcohol, and other drug-free the past 6 months and commit to a drug-free lifestyle
    2.   Have a “C” or higher in every class on their last report card and  maintain those grades
    3. Adhere to the Healthy YOUth Code of Conduct (found here)

    To Apply for Healthy YOUth for the 2017-2018, please follow these steps:

    1. Fill out the application form online (click here) by Friday, September 18th at 8:00 am.  Once your application is received, you will be added to the Healthy YOUth Canvas Course.  
    2. Turn in a permission slip online, if possible, through Canvas by September 25th.  There are many acceptable ways to do this.  Take a photo of the document.  Use a digital signature.  If nothing else works, ask your parents send an email to Ms. Will or Mr. Hall indicating that they agree with the terms of the permission slip.  Whatever works best for you and your family will work for us at the present time.  We just need to know that your parents support your participation in the group.  (click here) 
    3. Turn in HY Project via our Canvas page by Friday, by September 25th, 2020 at 8:00 am.  For details about the project, keep reading.
    4. You will be informed via email by Wednesday, Sept. 30th  if you have been accepted into the program.  
    5. All students who are admitted into Healthy YOUth are required to attend a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, October 7th from 2:30-3:30 pm & Wednesday October 14th from 2:30-3:30 pm.  If you cannot participate in the Zoom Meetings due to an athletic practice or Tech Campus, please contact Ms. Will or Mr. Hall.  We will make separate arrangements with you.  We want to make this group possible for ALL of our students.
    6. Complete our asynchronous training program via Canvas by Friday, October 16th. 


    Project Guidelines

    All projects must be turned in via Canvas by Friday, September 25th at 8:00 am.  Your project may also be be turned in any time BEFORE this date (and we strongly encourage you to do that!)  Please do NOT bring in physical projects to the IMC.  If you create a poster or other physical artifact, please take a photo, place it in a presentation or document, and upload this file to Canvas. Please be sure to include a photo of yourself with the project.  (We want to see your face, so please choose wisely!)  We may use this photo as the year progresses, too.

    The purpose of this project is for all applicants to our program to think creatively and to showcase their talents to express two important issues:  

    1) What is a drug-related problem in our school or community?

    2) What should we do about it (or identify a resource to help solve the problem)

    Your projects can take any form you choose.  We suggest one of the following:


    Script (play)

    Review of website/resource

    Newspaper/Magazine article summary and review

    Review of a book that addresses the issue

    Prezi or GoogleSlide

    Video or Animoto Video

    Social Norm Poster



    Personal Narrative (Story)

    Original song (any genre)--Please record/perform


    If you have other ideas, you are welcome to be creative.  The POINT of this project is so that you showcase your talents and show your thoughts and perceptions about drug usage and how Healthy YOUth can make a difference.

    No group projects will be accepted this year.  Each individual person applying for Healthy YOUth must create a personal project.  If you have already completed a video or other project with another member in anticipation of this assignment, please contact Ms. Will for approval. 

    Contact Information for Questions/Concerns:

    Ms. Deborah Will

    IMC Coordinator



    Mr. Brent Hall

    Social Science Teacher