Clubs and Organizations in District 126

Academic Team

Description: Students competitively play trivia games in teams of five against other schools. Trivia questions come from all topics:pop culture, sports, history, literature, math, languages, art, mythology, science, religion, and computers. Since we compete in teams, students often focus on studying for the subjects they enjoy the most. We also spend a lot of time learning fun facts as a whole team and practicing our new knowledge on Kahoot, Quizizz, or with our team's buzzers. Sign up for Remind @zbacademic

Meets: 2:45-3:45 pm Mondays and Wednesdays via Zoom (with possibly some in-person

Mrs. Slabaugh - Varsity
Ms. Durston - JV


Description: Do you have a passion for anime? Are you new to anime, but want to learn more? Come check out the Anime Club! We host monthly meetings where we watch various anime, play anime themed games, have discussions, and more! Are you more into manga? You're totally welcome too! We're an inclusive group, and we always welcome new members interested in learning the difference between "subbed" and "dubbed." Sign up for Remind @zbthsanime. Zoom link on Canvas.

Meets: 2:45-3:45 pm on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of each month in Zoom (room 213 when back)

Ms. Grafman
Mrs. Slabaugh

Art Club

Description: The Art Club is here for students who love the Arts and cannot seem to get enough of them throughout the school day. Our club members enjoy open studio times where we enjoy each other's fellowship and hone our artistic skills; and we learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school and community. You do not have to be enrolled in an art class to join! Artists of all backgrounds and experiences are welcome.

Meets: After school 1 - 2 times a month on Tuesdays, room 223 from 2:45 - 3:30PM

Ms. Kolinek


Description: The Zion-Benton band program consists of three concert bands and a marching band. The marching band rehearses throughout the fall and splits into separate concert bands in November. The bands perform in four concerts each year as well as tours to perform in the community and in select years tours out of state. Students in the band program also participate in local/state contests and festivals. Students with no previous experience can still join the band program with director approval.

Meets: Daily during school

Mr. Kazmi
Ms. Eikenberry - Assistant Director

Bass Fishing Club

Description: Meets throughout the year - competes mostly in the spring. Focuses on teaching competitive bass fishing strategies from the beginner to the advanced angler. Practices indoors and out when possible. Male and female students of all ages are welcome - even if you play another sport! Club conducts fundraising, attempts group outings & interclub tournaments, with a primary focus on preparing for the Sectional and State tournaments in the spring.

Meets: All year

Mr. Galgan

Bee Leaders

Description: The Bee Leaders are upperclassmen who visit Freshman advisories and serve as mentors and leaders. They work collaboratively with staff to promote a positive school climate and diverse culture. Bee Leaders also assist with the Freshman Zero Day and various school events

Meets: During advisory various times throughout the year, at least monthly

Ms. Grafman
Ms. Gazdziak


Description: Open to all ZBTHS women who are currently enrolled in a curricular choir class. We focus on popular music and will perform in the spring semester choir concerts. See Mrs. Rickert for more information.

Meets: Spring Semester once a week

Mrs. Rickert

Brotherhood of Extraordinary Young Men

Description: Brotherhood of Extraordinary Young Men is a dynamic organization established specifically to assist our participants to excel academically, socially, culturally, professionally and in the community. Brotherhood of Extraordinary Young Men is primarily comprised of male students who strive for academic excellence and make a commitment to plan and implement programs that benefit their community at large. We encourage our participants to embrace leadership by being positive examples for each other

Meets: Every Tuesday at 7:15AM. All meetings will be virtual

Mr. Lee


Description: The four Zion-Benton choirs sing at concerts at school and in the community. Beginning Treble Choir, Concert Choir, Advanced Treble Choir, and Chamber Singers participate in several school concerts, area and college festivals and school events. See Mrs. Rickert or your counselor to put choir on your schedule.

Meets: Daily during school (class)

Mrs. Rickert

Class Officers

Description: Involvement of students elected by their respective school class to cultivate leadership and communication skills, promote school spirit, plan safe and fun activities such as Prom and Senior Week activities and conduct fundraisers. Sponsors and officers encourage participation by other students interested in promoting class unity.

Meets: All year; 1-2 times/month before or after school

Ms Peterson - Seniors
Ms. Pickering - Underclassmen

Encore Players

Description: Encore Players is made up of all students who are involved in Drama at ZBTHS. Encore Players is the producing group for all ZBTHS Drama Productions. Students who wish to join should try out for a play or one of the production crews. Questions should be directed to Mrs. Regnier in the English Department or Ms. Meyer by email.

Meets: After school for the Fall, Winter & Spring productions.

Mrs. Regnier - Drama Producer
Ms. Meyer - Business Manager


Description: Open to all ZBTHS men. No one needs to be currently enrolled in a curricular choir class. We focus on popular music and will perform in the spring semester choir concerts. See Mrs. Rickert for more information.

Meets: Spring Semester once a week

Mrs. Rickert

French Club

Description: French Club is an organization dedicated to promoting the French language and culture. Our regular meetings occur monthly, however others are scheduled as needed in order to plan and prepare activities which usually include: A welcome breakfast in the Fall, Fall picnic, Holiday Folk Fair in November, fundraising and trips to French restaurants and French language movies.

Meets: Twice a month

Ms. McKeown

Game Club

Description: Unfortunately, we will be postponing Board and Card Game Club during the 2020-2021 school year, but we look forward to bring this back for the students as soon as possible. However, we have started a secondary group for students to be able to participate in Dungeons and Dragons online over Zoom, based on the demand for playing D&D in person. All interested parties should email Mr. Jacobs ( or Mr. Kalpedis ( for further information and requirements.

Meets: 3PM on Wednesdays on Zoom starting on September 30th. A link will be provided to the students for access before the start of each session.

Mr. Jacobs
Mr. Kalpedis

Gay-Straight Alliance

Description: Gay-Straight Alliance is a national youth leadership organization that connects school-based Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) to each other and community resources through peer support, leadership development, and training. Our ZB-SAGA promotes and provides a safe environment that serves to support, educate and unite our diverse population. Our GSA is partnered with Illinois Safe Schools Alliance and consists of students from all grade levels and orientations.

Meets: To receive information on meetings and events, text @msmarh to 81010

Mrs. Marhefka

German Club

Description: German Club gives students the chance to see and appreciate German culture in the area. Our meetings are once or twice a month, with activities happening on various evenings. Typical examples of activities are Kino Abend (movie night), Holiday Folk Fair in Milwaukee, restaurant trips and Christkindelmarket in downtown Chicago.

Meets: Twice a month

Ms. Rymer


Description: HATT is a club that strives to create a sense of community among Latino students, to foster pride in self, school and cultural heritage. Meetings are held bi-weekly. This group participates in several events, including a Hispanic Heritage Month program in October. Typical activities include a trip to the Mexican Fine Arts Museum in Chicago, Cinco de Mayo event, corn maze, Foreign Language picnic, participate in cultural dances and more.

Meets: Bi-weekly

Mr. Flores

Healthy YOUth

Description: Healthy YOUth (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) is a drug prevention program for dedicated, hard-working, and responsible ZBTHS students who have chosen to be drug-free and who want to share that commitment with others in their community. The program is sponsored not only by ZBTHS, but by the Cebrin Goodman Center and the Coalition for Healthy Communities. Healthy YOUth members will be mentors and role models for other students who choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

Meets: Twice per month during alternating periods and online during COVID-19

Mrs. Will
Mr. Hall


Description: Student committee formed to generate school spirit and plan the activities and dance during the annual Homecoming Week. The committee plans spirit week, pep assembly, dance and fundraising efforts.

Meets: Fall - 10-12 times after school

Ms. Sherman

IMC Youth Advisory Board

Description: The IMC Youth Advisory Board is a group of dedicated students who wish to promote reading, computer literacy, and library usage at the Zion-Benton Township High School IMC and at the Zion-Benton Public Library. These students are leaders during Teen Read Week and Teen Tech Week and contribute to our library's website and print collection. Students must maintain a "C" or higher in all classes and be respectful and responsible to all students and staff. Students will meet once per quarter.

Meets: As referenced above.

Ms. Will

Jazz Band

Description: Jazz Band is open to students in grades 9-12 through audition and/or Director promotion. The group performs at all band concerts, the Fine Arts Festival and various festivals and competitions throughout the year. Auditions for Jazz Ensemble occur in October.

Meets: Once a week from late October through May in the Band room

Mr. Kazmi
Ms. Eikenberry - Assistant Director

Jazz Voices

Description: A select group of 12-16 female and male singers. We focus on vocal jazz technique and literature. This group performs at choir concerts, at their own ZB Jazz Night, and participate in other events outside of school. Students must be currently enrolled in a curricular choir that meets during the regular school day in order to participate in this ensemble. See Mrs. Rickert for more information.

Meets: After school 1-3 times per week

Mrs. Rickert

Key Club

Description: Open to all students wishing to be involved in service oriented activities. Key Club works with the Zion Kiwanis Club on projects designed to promote a better school, community and country. This includes two Blood Drives; one in October and one in March. They also hold fundraisers, walk in the Labor Day Parade, Peanut Days, distribute turkey baskets at Thanksgiving, gift wrapping at Christmas, Pancake Breakfast in March and many other service projects within our community.

Meets: Executive Board meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month in Room 120 at 7:15AM. General Membership meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month via Zoom at 2:40.

Mrs. Shorey


Description: Mosaics is the official literary publication of ZBTHS; it has been in print since at least 1964. Students who participate in Mosaics have a strong interest in writing, art, photography, and graphic design. As such, they work throughout the year to compile, edit, and publish the finest novel excerpts, poems, plays, short stories, personal essays, art, and photography submitted by students, faculty, and alumni. The year ends with the printing, promotion, and sale of the publication.

Meets: TBD

Mr. Burd

National Honor Society

Description: NHS is a service organization that is by invitation only. To be invited to join NHS students will receive an application second semester of their sophomore year if they have maintained a GPA of 3.75. Students must complete the application by the set deadline. A committee will then review the applications and determine membership based on high levels of leadership, scholarship, service and character. All faculty members will vote on these pillars as well. Once members are inducted they are r

Meets: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Mr. Oliveras
Ms. Parmacek