• The Office of Safety and Security is committed to creating and maintaining a secure environment where optimal learning takes place. This commitment is accomplished daily in collaborative effort with local first responders and various other community stakeholders. 

    Student safety is our number one priority both Zion Benton and New Tech high school have established and proven protocols that insure the health and safety of our students, staff and community visitors whom we receive with open arms daily. The Office of Safety and Security will continue to prepare District 126 staff to not only understand their role in an emergency situation, but also to have empathy for our students while performing this critical task. This includes a comprehensive Crisis Plan for the district, resource guides for both campuses, training seminars, Safety Committee  as well as regularly scheduled drills and safety exercises . 

    District 126 has gone to great lengths to manage the physical aspects of Safety and Security by:

    • Installing bullet proof glass in all class rooms and exterior windows and door
    • Seperate visitor entry area, with metal detection
    • Video surveillance throughout district property
    • Maintaining Illinois Department of Health protocols for Covid-19 
    • Trained Security personel
    • 2-way radio communication system
    • Emergency metal detection ability 

                      " SAFETY IS A SHARED RESPONCIBILITY"



    Staff entrance protocols  *Mitigation Period

    Every District 126 employee must:

    1. Wear an IDPH approved face covering upon entering any District 126 property. The face mask must be Worn at all times. Both nose and mouth must be covered 

    2. District issued Identification card must be displayed on a lanyard or clip 


    Summer School

    The District 126 Summer School Office is located in the ZBTHS Safety and Attendance Office.  Each year District 126 offers summer courses during which students in need of repeating a course may do so for up to two courses per Summer School session. Driver's Education and Summer Physical Education are open to all students who wish to repeat the class or to take the class ahead of time (seats are limited).  The District also offers dual credit elective courses in partnership with the College of Lake County on a first come first served basis for those students who qualify. 

    Questions regarding Summer School sign-up or procedures should be directed to Kathleen Halligan at (847) 731-9324 or halligak@zbths.org.
    Assistant Principal Jack Niemi oversees the Summer School Program and can be reached at (847) 731-9305 or niemij@zbths.org.
    Questions regarding Summer School course offerings and credit recovery should be directed to Mr. Jacob Carlson, Director of Student Services, at (847) 731-9356 or CarlsonJ@zbths.org.   

Bob Worthington
  • Mr. Bob Worthington
    Director of Safety and Attendance
    (847) 731-9321

Rod Henry
  • Mr. Rod Henry
    Assistant to the Deans and Safety
    (847) 731-9314

MacArthur White
  • Mr. MacArthur White
    Assistant Director of Safety & Attendance - New Tech
    (847) 731-9808