Bad news - we literally have a nuclear problem in Zion.

  • Good news – our Congressional representative, Brad Schneider, has specifically requested our help, and this is a great opportunity for civic engagement that truly makes a difference in the community!


    Rep. Schneider and Sen. Duckworth have reintroduced a bill called the “STRANDED Act,” which would provide federal funds to communities like ours that have become de facto nuclear waste sites (after the nuclear power plant closed, they were going to ship the waste to Yucca Mountain out west, but that was shut down, so the waste is staying here – it’s buried “safely” by the lakefront, but it makes it so that no one canThumbnail develop that land for businesses, which is a significant blow to our local economy). 


    What can you do? 


       1.  Write a letter stating why you support the proposal and offer insights as to why this legislation is critical to our area (environmentally, economically, politically, etc.).


       2.  Upload your letters of support here ( and they will be forwarded to Greg Claus, senior staffer for Rep. Brad Schneider.  Or, write your local representatives directly. 


       3.  Spread the word to others in the community asking for their help as well!


    A sample script, contact information for our representatives, and details about the STRANDED Act can be found here. (


    Let's pull together and significantly impact a positive change for ZION!

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