• When the first New Tech High in Napa, California was being developed, planners visited area workplaces and asked the question, "What do your employees need to be able to do?"  In finding those answers, the realization was that high school graduates were coming into the workforce with competent academic skills, but their "soft skills" were lacking: the ability to successfully interview, the ability to work with and lead project teams, the need to collaborate and present using current technology, etc.  As a result, the school, and by extension the New Tech Network and NT@ZB, began to focus on how to integrate these important workplace skills into the educational environment.
      After collaborating with educational professionals and researchers, it has been determined that a new set of skills focusing on life after high school was just as important as the academic skills students were graduating with.  As a result, these 21st century skills are integrated into NT@ZB's system as part of its project based learning model.

      • Content Literacy - Students will demonstrate proficiency in the ACT College Readiness Standards and the Illinois Learning Standards through a comprehensive, rigorous, and relevant project-based curriculum.
      • Critical Thinking - Students will thoughtfully negotiate information to interpret, analyze, and evaluate evidence, statements, graphics, and questions in order to construct well-supported, clearly articulated, and sustained arguments.
      • Oral Communication - Students will speak publicly, in both formal and informal context, demonstrating skills such as appropriate selection of topic and materials, clear organization, effective presentation, and the ability to adapt to audience, setting, and occasion.
      • Written Communication - Students will use the writing processes, including invention, drafting, organizing, editing and revising through multiple drafts, to clearly communicate thoughts and information.
      • Technological Literacy - Students will integrate computer skills, technical knowledge, and higher-level thinking to create and express ideas and negotiate information.
      • Collaboration - Students will work effectively and efficiently as a cohesive team to plan, set goals, and make decisions in order to complete tasks and reach goals and objectives.
      • Professionalism - Students will demonstrate a professional demeanor by turning in work on time and complete, by attending class on time, and by treating all stakeholders respectfully.