IMC Fines

  • Last year, after discussions with our administrative team and our IMC Youth Advisory Board, the IMC chose to eliminate all LATE fees for books.  Students are still encouraged to return materials in a timely manner so that other students can have access to books that are in demand.  Students will have 30 days after their due date to return books.  At that time, the book will be marked lost.  If a book is marked lost, the student is required to pay for the book.

    Due to COVID-19, we will be making some exceptions to this policy as we begin this year.  We will try to work with students to ensure that materials are returned in a timely manner, but we understand transportation and medical concerns for our students.  We want our students to feel confident that they can check out library materials and not worry about acruing fines!  

    If students have questions about a library fine, please contact Mrs. Padfield at

    Damaged Books

    If books are damaged beyond repair, the student will be charged the cost of the book. If a book is in poor condition when the student checks it out, please ask the IMC staff member checking out the material to note this in the circulation records. The District understands normal wear/tear on books; however, certain conditions make it impossible for the District to use the book in the future. For example, any book that is wet (or has been wet and mold has been produced) cannot be returned to the shelves of the library.