• Computer Lab Scheduler

    RESPECT those using the lab after you.

    When you reserve it you are RESPONSIBLE for it.

    Click HERE to go to Lab Scheduler program
    Before you schedule a lab: 
    The Lab Scheduler program is relatively easy to use once you understand how it is set up.  Here is what you need to do to get started:
    1. Watch THIS short video.  This is the best place to start and will show you how to get around in the system.
    2. Meet with Joan Hietikko or Minnie Rakher and they will help you get started.    
    Rules for Scheduling a Lab:
    1. Schedule the lab for yourself only.  Do not schedule other teachers.  
    2. Fill in all the correct information. 
      1.  Under notes make sure you include:
        1. Your Department,
        2. Your class,
        3. A brief description of what you are doing.  
        4. It should look like this:   Math - Algebra 1 - Research Mathematicians
      2. Put the maximum number of students you will bring.
    3. If you cancel a reservation make sure you delete it from the system.
Last Modified on February 17, 2017