• Treatments for all:

    Remember RICE:
    Rest – Rest the injured part from painful activity.
    Ice – Ice is applied for 15 to 20 minutes.
    Compression – Apply a wrap starting at the point furthest from the heart with tightness decreasing as you go toward the heart.
    Elevation – Elevation should be above the level of the heart.

    Sprains and strains can also benefit from rehabilitation exercise and activity modification during the recovery. Your healing can be improved by specific exercises that restore range of motion strength and normal function.

    Cold, fatigue, and immobilization reduce blood flow and lessen muscle elasticity, increasing the risk of strains. The best prevention is to warm-up and then stretch all the muscle involved in the upcoming exercise, activity or work task. A full body warm-up, such as jogging or stationary cycling for 5-10 minutes, increases blood flow and raises the temperature of large muscle groups. People can also warm-up by slowly rehearsing the sport, exercise or activity they are about to perform. A light sweat usually indicates they have warmed up sufficiently.