• Student Assistance Program
    "Student Assistance is an infrastructure of proven K-12 school-based practices that brings help to students, Families, schools, and communities. Student Assistance provides an integrated system of care, including prevention, early intervention and support services that address mental health and substance use issues that otherwise result in barriers to student learning and success."
    - National Student Assistance Association

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  • Types of SAP Groups Currently Offered:

    1. Anger Management - works towards identifying anger triggers, maladaptive responses, and developing more positive and healthy coping skills for managing their anger.
    2. Resiliency - works with students that are failing classes, displaying behavioral concerns, and show difficulty with self-control (emotionally/behaviorally). These students are often referred through counselors, deans, and other administrators.
    3. Military/Deployed Families - supports students that have immediate family members that are deployed overseas. This group often uses a combination of grief and anger management strategies and tools.
    4. Grief - offers support, resources, and coping skills for students struggling with the death of a close family member or friend.
    5. Anxiety/Mindfulness - focuses on students that are having difficulty maintaining emotional stability during times of stress and/or frustration. This group offers positive and healthy outlets for emotion while also supports development of good coping skills.
    6. Incarcerated Parents - similar to the Military/Deployed Families group, this group supports students that have immediate family members that are incarcerated. This group often uses a combination of grief and anger management strategies and tools.
    7. Concerned Persons (COP) - offers support to students struggling with a family member’s addiction or substance abuse issues. The group aims to help students understand addition/substance abuse issues while offering suggestions for coping skills/positive outlets for emotion.
    8. LGBTQ+ - group offering support for those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community and are experiencing negativity, harassment/bullying, and/or anxiety as a result. Group focuses on identity, self-esteem, confidence, positive social groups/alliances, and coping skills.

    SAP group curriculum consists of combinations of prepared/purchased programs, additional supplemental activities/resources, as well as experiential activities and collected lessons from internet and outside sources.

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