• 9th Hour is one option for credit recovery within District 126. NT@ZB students who need to make up coursework can attend 9th hour after school, Monday through Thursday during the semester.

    9th Hour uses Apex Learning to facilitate credit recovery.  The program allows students to make up two .5 credit courses during one semester of credit recovery (for a total of 1.0 credits). Be sure to meet with your school counselor to determine the best courses for which to register, so credits can be recovered as quickly as possible.
    Attendance is mandatory, and students who are absent for 6 class periods over the course of a semester will be automatically dropped from the program, even if the absences are excused. Students who are dropped from the program will not receive a refund of the registration cost and will earn an "F" on their transcript.
    The 9th hour registration form is available through the student's counselor and registration due dates must be followed.