• NT@ZB is based upon strong linkages and ongoing interaction between the real world of work and our curriculum and activities. Students can dive right in and develop an ongoing relationship, or just commit to a one time project partnership. The list below offers some opportunities to build learning partnerships with the school community.

    Student Internships

    Host an intern at your organization and have them learn from the experts in the field under real-world job conditions.

    Job Shadowing

    Invite students to spend a day at your workplace. Job shadowing immerses students in the world of work, where they can get first-hand information about job skills and careers.

    Project Support

    Get involved in collaborating with faculty members to create real-world projects in your area of expertise. You can also serve as a guest speaker to educate students about a topic of their projects or teach or co-teach a workshop for students in class.

    Project Judging/Scoring

    Come watch and listen to students present the final products for their projects and help validate the work that they have done. You can also help work with the teacher to help create a rubric that reflects the real-world expectations that such a project might entail.

    Community Service

    If you are a non-profit organization looking for volunteers, let us know. We are always looking for opportunities for our students and Houses to make a difference within the community. 
    For more information, download the brochure on NT@ZB Learning Partnership opportunities