• NT@ZB House System

    Wordle HOUSE stands for Helping Our Unified Students Excel. Each advisory is part of a multi-year House. As students move from freshman to senior year, they will rise in the ranks of their House, taking on more leadership roles and helping to plan and implement school-wide activities and service projects. The Houses compete throughout the year with regards to test scores, discipline, attendance, and school spirit to see which one will earn the NT@ZB House Cup at the end of the school year.

    When students enter as freshmen, they are placed into their advisory. This advisory will stay together as a group of students for the next four years, forming a close-knit group that will work together to drive the school culture forward. Each year, the advisory cohort will stay the same, advancing through their House, adding experience and leadership to their skill sets as they mature. By the time they are seniors, they will be taking on the leadership roles in their House, creating the service opportunities and designing activities in which the entire school will participate.
    NT@ZB is made up of six houses:

    Alpha House


    Advisors: Ahlgrim, Hutchison, Swearengen, Bonnivier

    Alpha House is the solid workhorse of NT@ZB.  They may not have the best attendance or the most spirit, but they will come through with a project and see it through until the end.  With the St. Baldrick's competition and several individual awards under the Alpha's belts in years past, they are starting to make a name for themselves in the annals of NT@ZB history.


    Gamma House


    Advisors: Biddle, Byrne, Richardt, Schroeder

    The dependable House, Gammas have made a name for themselves with some of the highest GPAs, and lowest tardies and absences counts throughout the year.  They seem to be vying with Theta and Omega Houses for some of these titles, and its only at the end of the year that the final tallies show who will come out on top.


    Delta House


    Advisors: Stanley, Fenchel, Lobo, Brenneman

    The spirit of NT@ZB, Delta House is loathe to be outdone when it comes to showing their New Tech pride.  Led by the senior advisees of Mr. Brenneman, Delta House will rise to any challenge put to them.  If there's a House Competition to be had, the Deltas will not only work to win, but will use any excuse to try and dominate.  Listening to their House cheer in the hallway, one cannot help but be awed by the amount of school spirit emanating from Delta students and staff.  Look for their call sign, the green triangle, throughout the school.


    Zeta House

    Zeta Advisors: Srta. Barnes, Philipp, Ruggles, Levy

    Their first year was a rough year for the Zetas, but they have gotten their House in order.  Having some very respectable EPAS scores and amount of students with no discipline referrals, Zeta House is making a reputation for themselves as the no-nonsense House when it comes to academics.  While they still need some assistance when it comes to crafting service projects and showing their school spirit, it seems that the future will be solid for Zeta House.


    Theta House

    Theta Advisors: Ms. Barnes, Mahrt, Isaacs, Swiatek, Macanowicz

    Known for succeeding at some of the House competitions,  Theta has been having a hard time finding their niche.  There's a mystery surrounding Theta House, as to where they will go next year, no one knows.


    Omega House

    Omega Advisors: Burgdorf, Knight, Meyer, Schiappacasse, Salazar

    If there's one thing Omega stands for, it's that they are a feisty House.  Forming fiercely loyal bonds with their advisors, the Omegas are definitely the last word in Houses.  Holding high GPAs, Omegas are in competition with the Alphas, and Thetas to keep in the top half of the league.  However, look to this group to do amazing things once Ms. Ferguson's freshmen advance through the ranks towards their upper class.