• Facebook

    Facebook is a private social media platform run by Facebook, Inc.  Registered users to the site can link to other users, organizations, or companies and keep a running timeline of their posted statuses.  Posts can include text, links to other websites, photographs or videos.
    New Tech High @ Zion-Benton East maintains a Facebook page at the address http://www.facebook.com/ntzbe.   On this page, registered users can see some of the daily life that occurs at NT@ZB.  Photos of student life, events that happen at the school, and links to other organizations that NT@ZB interacts with, such as colleges, service organizations, or public figures.
    According to Facebook's Terms of Service, users need to be over the age of 13.  However, like all social media platforms, students should be careful how much information is divulged on Facebook.  NT@ZB's Facebook page is monitored by the school.  Inappropriate content is removed as soon as the school becomes aware of it, and students who post such content may face disciplinary consequences in accordance with District 126 and school disciplinary policies.
    New Tech enjoys having a responsible relationship with our community members, and looks forward to the connections that Facebook and other social media platforms may provide.