• SAP Policy

    The District 126 recognizes that the use of alcohol and other drugs and the problems associated are becoming increasingly commonplace in our society and among youth.  One's own chemical use or that of a loved one can have serious and lifelong consequences.
    District 126 also maintains that any ingestion of alcohol or other mood-altering drugs by students is to be considered abuse and is inconsistent with the needs of a healthy, growing, and developing child or youth.
    District 126 also recognizes that the abuse of alcohol and/or other drugs often precedes the development of problems.  At some point, an individual's use of alcohol or other drugs may be deemed destructive to him or herself or to others, causing problems in daily living.  Where the capacity to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol and other drug use has been reduced or compromised, prompt and appropriate attention can help the vast majority of individuals involved.
    District 126 recognizes that destructive eating habits can also be cause for health concerns in adolescents.  The District also strives to assist students in dealing with their anger constructively and positively.  The District recognizes that the stress levels in students who are high achievers can also be cause for concern.  These areas along with substance abuse can contribute to lost days of learning.
    The District recognizes that students often need education, assistance and support because of their own drug abuse or because of drug-related problems in those they care about.  Many students will require support for their decision to remain drug-free.  Since chemical dependency is preceded by the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, the schol system withes to provide education and assistance to any student displaying signs of harmful involvement.
    District 126 also recognizes that a person's use of alcohol or other drugs can lead to the illness of chemical dependency.  Complete recovery is possible however, if the illness is identified early and treated appropriately through referral to community agencies.  District 126 regards alcoholism, drug addiction, anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating and their dependencies as it does any other illness or chronic behavioral or medical problem.  Our primary purpose is to be helpful, and to eradicate the judgments or blame which only continue to stigmatize those with such problems and make their recovery difficult or impossible.
    District 126 believes that it is in the best interest of the community for it to take steps to promote, enhance and maintain a drug-free school system and student body, and that along with parents and other elements of the community it has a role to play in helping students to remain drug free, and both mentally and physically healthy.
    Therefore, District 126 wishes to cooperate with all segments of the community in implementing the Student Assistance Program (SAP) which makes the means of assistance available to all those individuals that have concerns in these areas.