• There are several ways to refer a student for an SAP group.  Even though a student may be referred and encouraged to participate, involvement in the program is completely voluntary.

    Parent Referral

    Parents who are concerned that alcohol and other drug use may be affecting their son or daughter are encouraged to contact the Student Assistance personnel.  At NT@ZB, this includes the guidance counselor, sociaol worker, the advisor. 

    Student Self-Referral

    A student who is concerned about his/her own use or someone else's use of alcohol or drugs may contact a Student Assistance staff member directly, their guidance counselor, or advisor who can make the necessary referral. 

    Students can also refer themselves for group support by completing this SAP Survey.
  • Staff Referral

    Teachers and other school staff have been alerted to the signs and symptoms of possible chemical use and misuse.  They are encouraged to seek assistance from the Student Assistance personnel.  Please email the Student Assistance Program at sap@zbths.org 

    All referrals to the SAP are strictly confidential.