IMC Expectations

  • The IMC is a space in which student are able to research materials, read for enjoyment, and study in a quiet, relaxed environment. In order to provide this atmosphere, students must adhere to the following regulations:

    1. Please have your IMC Card ready when entering the IMC. Please be sure to have your IMC Card scanned at the door.
    2. Please be ON TIME to the IMC. IMC staff are unable to process attendance for tardy study hall students, so tardy students must report to their study halls.
    3. Come to the IMC ONLY when you have a study hall or before/after school. If you come to the IMC when you should be in a scheduled class, your IMC privileges will be taken away, and you will receive a conduct report through the Dean's Office.
    4. Be respectful of the students around you by refraining from talking, making noise or otherwise disturbing them. This is a place for students to complete homework and other assignments, and distractions are not welcome.
    5. Be respectful of our space by refraining from eating, drinking, chewing gum, or applying lotion or makeup. These items are destructive to expensive furnishings, equipment, and books.
    6. You must stay in the IMC after you scan in unless you are granted permission to leave by an IMC Staff Member.
    7. Follow all computer usage rules. (See your handbook for details.) Tampering with IMC equipment or security devices is not permitted.
    8. When walking on the mezzanine area above the IMC, please do not disturb others studying below. When in the IMC, do not talk or communicate with anyone on the mezzanine area. Do not throw, toss, or drop anything from the mezzanine.  This is a safety hazard and will result in a referral to the dean.
    9. If your IMC Card is defaced or tampered with, you will be required to purchase a new card for $2.00 before or after school in the IMC.
    10. Students are expected to comply with instructions given by IMC Staff Members. 



  • Students who fail to follow the IMC Rules will have their IMC Cards taken by an IMC Staff Member and be sent back to study hall. IMC privileges will be revoked for the following periods.

    • 1st Offense: 10 school days
    • 2nd Offense: 20 school days (A letter will also be sent home to parents/guardians at this time.)
    • 3rd Offense: Loss of IMC privileges for the remainder of the school year.

    Students whose IMC privileges have been revoked may only use the IMC with a class. These consequences last all school year. We do not start over at the beginning of the second semester.

    Students who refuse to give their cards to an IMC Staff Member lose IMC privileges and receive a conduct referral to the Dean's Office.